After a lot of work and waiting for all the paperwork needed for a not-for-profit charity, I can begin to raise $500,000 for 1250 laptops and improved Internet service to two schools in Taunggyi, Myanmar. This is the most important thing that I have ever undertaken.

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At the end of my essay, there are three items:

1. I am asking you to contribute to my dream of raising $500,000.

2. My next request is for you to send this link to your friends and ask them to send it to their friends…ad infinitum.

3. My final request is to return with me to Myanmar during winter break in 2019…less than a year from now. You will see where your money is being sent. Additionally, you might discover a part of your family living in Myanmar. My discovery changed my life. It was my one moment in time, and it can be yours also.

The last request is as important to you as the first two are to 1250 students in Myanmar. For further information, email me at or call me at 219.310.8064.