I Have An Idea for Congressional Republicans
My Wonder Drug

In my previous essay, I restated my appreciation for my wonder drug, Modafinil. It has allowed me to focus on life without being distracted. I am far more focused than I ever was. That being said, my functionality in my life of teaching and writing has benefited a great deal. I am more creative and get far more done in less time. Additionally, I’m far less rattled about all that is in front of me each day.

I didn’t mention one thing in that last essay. I have done the dance with death twice about a dozen years ago. While I don’t want to revisit the dance floor of life with death, I am fully aware that I am not immortal. However, I will lead death in future dances…as long as I can dance. This drive of mine essentially is about what is important in life.

Why am I here? I have a long list of reasons for wanting to dance for a very long time. I have family here in the States and in Myanmar. I teach college students who will be leaders in the next generation. Also, I want to take care of my three year old Irish Setter, Ginger.

When I asked Ti Ti, my granddaughter, in Myanmar about what she wanted to do after college, her response was to do all that she could to help improve her country. She wanted to make it a better place than she found it.

I agree with Ti Ti. That is my reason for being. Let’s cut to the chase. All of us should be thinking of our legacies. We need to ponder the reality of who we are on this pale blue dot in the vastness of the cosmos. Granted, we need to make money, take care of ourselves, enjoy life, etc. However, there must be more to life than merely substance.

Ti Ti emailed me her reason for being when she was in her early teens. Now, if she grasps the meaning of life as a teenager, that should cause us all to think about why we are alive. What mark will we leave the world when we leave this world? Think about that question. After our funerals, when are family remembers us, what will they say to their children about someone who is no longer with their family? How will each of us be remembered by our family?

While you ponder that critically important question about life, I want to broaden the question. Who is your family? Now, some people like Trump have an extremely small family: Melania, his wife, Ivanka, Donald, Tiffany, Eric, and Barron, his children.

More precisely, who does he truly love? Of those half dozen family members, which are the ones from whom he give up his life? If he had the opportunity to protect any of those members of his family, take a guess who he would protect by sacrificing his life.

I don’t want to quibble about the actual number; it surely isn’t more than one or two, but it might not even be that many. Trump lives for essentially himself. Look at what is happening in Washington now regarding the impeachment probe.

And why is Trump facing an impeachment? He wanted to protect himself from his democratic nemesis who he feared could beat him in the 2020 presidential election. Trump is facing the onslaught of testimonies from a litany of people addressing the quid pro quo issue with Ukraine. Give me dirt, and I’ll give you weapons.

Gordon Sondland is Trump’s ambassador to the EU. He testified under oath that Trump didn’t deal with the Ukrainians by bribing them for no weapons without dirt on his political rival. That was done under oath on October 17. In his interview by the Intelligence Committee, he testified that there was no quid pro quo. None. Well, the no quid pro quo stance lasted until he remembered. On November 2, he submitted an amended testimony stating he did recall the quid pro quo deal. I would have remembered also if I was lying under oath, which would result in going to jail.

Fear of jail caused Sondland to remember what he incorrectly recalled.

My suggestion to the congressional republicans is to take Modafinil. It does help one focus. I can testify to that. I wonder whether Sondland started taking Modafinil on October 18.

Now, congressional republicans might wish to start taking Modafinil. While it won’t address lying or bs-ing, it does cause people to focus. It is an excellent means to get on task. However, beyond Modafinil, remember what Ti Ti told me about the reason for her being? She wants to make her country better than she found it. Therefore, my suggestion addressed to congressional republicans is twofold. First, take Modafinil; it really does work. Second, you are writing your legacy as I am writing this essay. How will your family and the human family remember you when you are gone. Choose wisely?