Let Me Ponder This for a Moment
Wake Up, America

I saw a headline on the Internet from the Brennan Center that “389 bills introduced in 48 states that include provisions that would restrict voting access.” The article went on to indicate that only Vermont and Delaware haven’t pushed for restricting voting.

I need to ponder this for a moment. I was never good in math, but 48 out of 50 states is a large percentage of state legislatures that want to make voting more difficult for blacks. So, what reason is there for this clarion call to restrict voting of American citizens? And this is the answer: some people aren’t smart enough to vote.

Andrew McCarthy stated in National Review: “It would be far better if the franchise were not exercised by ignorant, civics-illiterate people.” Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson, a Republican, warned of the dangers of voting by the “uninformed.” Kevin Williamson, also at National Review, asked whether America “would be better served by having fewer — but better — voters.” Arizona GOP state Rep. John Kavanaugh commented: “Quantity is important, but we have to look at the quality of votes as well.”

Who should vote in America

Well, those assertions are a slippery slope when it comes to maintaining our democracy. Who is to decide who is a civically literate, informed, and quality voter? Apparently, the Republicans want to determine who is competent enough to vote, and all the others shouldn’t vote.

As I pondered this, I read that Judge Amy Coney Barrett wrote that only “virtuous citizens” should vote in a dissenting opinion at an appeals court. Barrett is a Republican and is now on the Supreme Court.

This is another slippery slope issue. Barrett assumes that she is a virtuous citizen. Let me ponder that what constitutes a virtuous citizen. After pondering for a nanosecond, I don’t think a self-righteous mindset is virtuous; therefore, Barrett shouldn’t vote. Besides, who submitted her name to fill a seat on the Supreme Court? Trump wanted Barrett on the high court, and he isn’t a paradigm of virtue. I mentioned this Republican cabal in my recent essay about birds of a feather flock together.

Birds of a feather flock together

While I pondered all the existing laws and the ones coming up for a vote, why are all these state legislatures creating these new laws? Hmmm. I wonder. Okay, allow me to suggest that supporters of those 389 bills in 48 states can’t get enough voters out to the polls to support their agenda. If voters don’t support the Republicans, the party needs to change their political beliefs about racism or not allow blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities to vote. Hey, it doesn’t take someone like Stephen Hawking to grasp that reality.

From 1619, racism has been alive in America. First, it was slavery, then segregation, and now it is blatant discrimination. The names associated with racism have changed over time, but it is still based upon inferiority…the inferiority of the whites. White supremacy is the attempt to make some whites feel macho by putting down blacks.

This is a white supremacist.

While pondering white racism, I also pondered why Eugene Goodman , a Capital police officer, risked his life to protect many members of Congress and/or their staffs who are white.

Officer Goodman lead rioters away from the Senate chambers.

Goodman didn’t pick and choose who he would protect. But, nevertheless, Goodman protected many of the Republicans who are racists. They want to restrict blacks from voting. And a black cop protected anyone regardless of their race. Wake up, America.