Patriots Past and Present in America
On the 4th of July

I wrote this essay on the 4th of July. As America looks back upon 245 years of Independence Days, this day is quite different from previous observances. When I was six years old, I pulled my brother, Ken, in his wagon on our town’s Independence Day parade. I was aware that we were celebrating the birth of our nation and honoring those who fought to make America free.

Over the years at Collins Tract Elementary School, I learned that those who fought in the American Revolution were called patriots. I learned about George Washington, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, Ethan Allen, Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin, and many more.

On January 6th, thousands of protesters were told by Trump that he would march with them to the Capitol. Now, Trump called those that marched to the Capitol and ransacked it, American patriots. By July 4th, 545 of the protesters have been arrested for acting patriotic, according to Donald the Dumb.

I wonder why that guy was carrying the Confederate flag.

Maybe that guy thought that he was like Franklin or maybe not.

That guy doesn’t look like Washington or Jefferson.

Rep. Clyde ain’t no patriot; he’s the only guy without a mask.

If you are looking for an authentic American patriot, I would begin with Rep. Liz Cheney. She is politically a polar-opposite of me. I’d have to do more research to find something of substance about which we would be on the same political page.

This is Liz Cheney, but who are the underlings behind her? They aren’t patriotic.

Nonetheless, Liz Cheney stood up to Trump’s lies amid her cowardly and timid Republican caucus. I admire her honesty and her gut, which is what makes people patriots. Today is the 4th of July when Americans remember patriots of a couple of centuries ago. It is also a time when Americans should be thinking of present-day patriots who are protecting America.

None of the 545 arrested because of January 6th and the thousands of others that marched to Capitol at the encouragement of Trump were patriots. Even though Trump said he’d march with them, he sheltered in place in the White House. Indeed, he isn’t a patriot either.

To be honest, a small group of Republicans in the House and a couple in the Senate stood up for their country. However, the vast majority of Republican members of Congress were cowards like Benedict Arnold was during the American Revolution. At least, Arnold stayed on message. He betrayed America. Period. Both Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy stood up for America…for a day or so. Then cowardly, they walked patriotism back.