Ranking Trump
Which Isn’t Difficult

We live in a very strange time. I have been critical of Trump even before he was a candidate. He is the fool on the hill. The prediction is that the House will impeach him around Thanksgiving or surely before Christmas. I’m in a quandary. I’ll be leaving the States on December 10th and flying to Lahore, Pakistan and then on to Taunggyi, Myanmar for a visit with my family. While I want to hear all the excitement here in America, there is a part of me interested in hearing about it with my family in Taunggyi.

Regardless, the question remains about what the Senate will do. No president has been impeached and removed from office…yet. While three US presidents were impeached, none were removed from office. Nixon resigned his office fully aware that remaining as president was a lost cause.

This essay is about the dismal and despicable presidency of our 45th president. How will the republican senators deal with him? There are a handful of variables. One relates to how well the democrats make their case for impeachment. That variable will directly affect the various polls like NBC/Wall Street Journal. Gallup Poll, CNN, NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist, Reuters, Fox News, Quinnipiac University, Kaiser Family Foundation, etc. If the democrats present a neat and concise picture, there will be enough republican senators to go along with their democratic colleagues to remove Trump from office.

Our president

The polls in favor of impeachment and removal are much higher than they were for Nixon until two or three weeks before he resigned. Nevertheless, Siena College Research Institute has, since 1982, taken a poll of presidential scholars after the first year of a president’s term. It ranked all 44 different presidents (Grover Cleveland was elected twice between another president). Therefore, there are 44 different presidents. Siena has 21 categories in their poll. Trump’s aggregate puts him as the 42nd worst president at the end of his first year. However, he was the worst president in four categories: integrity, intelligence, overall ability, and executive appointments. Trump got grossly failing grades after his first year. Imagine how he would poll after three years.

At the present time, the House Intelligence Committee has heard testimony from eight witnesses already. There are many more to come including John Bolton.

A telling photo of Bolton and Trump

Granted, I am not a politician. I have only run in one election. I ran for the school board in Dixon, IL. Interestingly, there were two major battles that I created while on the board and both of which I won.

Having somewhat substantiated my political prowess, I truly believe that when the impeachment gets to the Senate, that it will result in a similar outcome. That being said, the issue for all the senators is the question of leadership. Leadership is defined as one who will lead, as opposed to one that will follow what others think. Leaders make informed decisions not ones that will help them in their lives. When the overwhelming percentage of members of the House and Senate know what type of president that Trump is, it is hard to believe that they won’t vote against him.

Each one of us as Americans needs to remember that we are writing presently our own legacy. How we will be remembered after we are gone will be determined by what we do in our journey in life. Choose wisely.