The Three Amigos...
Are Increasing in Number.

Flash! The three amigos are increasing in number.

I’m not talking about those three amigos. The three amigos are Rick Perry, Gordon Sondland, and Kurt Volker. Rudy Giuliani, Lev Parnas and Igor Frumani have been added to the amigos. Then there is Mike Pence. And the number gets larger seemingly each day.

It is interesting to me that all those amigos have one thing in common…arrogance. They arrogantly say that they are telling the truth, and everything else is fake news. They have Trump’s mantra well-rehearsed. The Washington Post counts Trump’s lies or misstatements, which are 14,000 since he became our Liar-in-Chief.

Even fascinating is Trump’s congressional ally, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) who was just added to the Intelligence Committee that is investigating grounds for impeachment of Trump.

Well, on day one, George Kent and William Taylor had no firsthand information regarding the bribe or quid pro quo issues relating to Trump withholding $400 million from Ukraine for dirt on the Bidens, although Trump’s text of his phone call with President Volodymyr Zelensky indicates that he wanted the Ukrainian president to investigate the Bidens.

Jordan went on and on about the lack of firsthand knowledge of Trump doing anything illegal. It is interesting how sure he was that Trump had done nothing wrong, although a blind person could see something wrong from actions of all the amigos and Trump himself.

At the beginning of November, a former Ohio State referee entered a lawsuit about Dr. Richard Strauss and his sexual misconduct while he was the doctor for the wrestling team. The referee, called John Doe 23, claimed that he told Rep. Jim Jordon, who was, at that time, an assistant coach for Russ Hellickson, the head wrestling coach about Strauss. When the referee was asked in the lawsuit about Jordan’s knowledge surrounding Strauss’ sexual involvement with wrestlers, the referee said that Jordan didn’t seem to care or was indifferent.

The referee was the second person to testify that Jordan was told about Dr. Strauss’ sexual abuse of 177 wrestling students at Ohio State. Strauss had been at Ohio State for over two decades. Jordan worked at Ohio State as an assistant coach from 1986-1994.

The referee mentioned to NBC that everyone knew about Strauss’ sexually abusing wrestlers. In fact, both the coach and Jordan were aware of Strauss’ activity and did nothing. The referee even recounted a time when Strauss tried to mess around with him.

Ohio State’s administration hired a law firm to investigate Strauss and his sexual misconduct. The investigation stated that there was an open secret regarding Strauss. They also said that everyone was fully aware of it and did not address the misconduct.

Ohio State is attempting to rectify Strauss’ sexual misconduct. Ben Johnson, on behalf of Ohio State, said that the school “has led the effort to investigate and expose the misdeeds of Richard Strauss and the systemic failures to respond, and the university is committed to a fair resolution. The university is actively participating in good faith in the mediation process directed by the federal court. In addition, since February, Ohio State has been covering the cost of professionally certified counseling services and treatment for anyone affected, as well as reimbursing costs for counseling already received.”

In both situations with Ohio State and Trump, Jordan is pushing that he didn’t know about Strauss and there is no firsthand knowledge that what Trump did was bribery. Jordan functioned as the proverbial fox guarding the hen house.