Ginger's Idea
She Wants Hush Money from Cohen

Ginger and I have dinner together each evening as we watch the news. In reality, Ginger is more up to date on the Trump fiasco than his new attorney, Rudy Giuliani. We not only watch the news regularly, but we discuss the various problems facing Trump and his associates while we walk around the lake.

On one occasion of our circumnavigating the lake, Ginger and I weren’t talking about Washington. I was praising her for having moved up to eating adult dog food. I had mixed the puppy food with the adult food for a couple weeks or so as to allow her stomach to make that transition more smoothly. However, on her 18-month birthday, Ginger began eating as an adult canine. She gets about two cups of dog food twice a day. I mix the food with either a couple tablespoons of cottage cheese, plain yogurt, or a scrambled egg. During the day, she also gets a pig ear, a Milk-Bone, and a handful of small carrots as treats.

Ginger expressed her excitement about being on adult dog food. “I really like the new food. I enjoy hearing the loud crunching sound that the adult food makes when I eat it. Actually, I love that sound while eating the pig ears and carrots for the same reason.”

I merely smiled at Ginger. She took pride in becoming an adult Irish Setter. She weighs 75-pounds and is extremely active.

Then Ginger continued, “You know, you really take care of me. Several weeks ago, I got a new bed, Tigger as a toy, and a large rawhide bone.

You gave me those accoutrements on my birthday, which took place a couple of days after getting over the flu. However, you have always given me loads of both rawhide and regular bones. I have a pile of them in your office and also in our living room. I have a couple dozen of what you call squeaky toys also. You have been good to me.”

I don’t recall my response, but I must have blown off Ginger’s appreciation, which resulted in her retort.

“Hey, I’m serious. I’m lucky that you got me from Melissa, the breeder in Home, PA. In the past year and a half, you have fed me well along with taking me to the vet. That must have cost a lot of money. Is that why you are still teaching?”

I told Ginger that whatever I have spent on her is worth it. I tried to explain that at 75, there are important things that I care about. As long as I have the money, I’ll spend it. It gives me a purpose in life other than hoarding money like Silas Marner.

Ginger didn’t say anything for several moments as we walked in the moors at one end of the lake. Then Ginger had an idea.

“You know that when Giuliani was talking about Cohen and his slush fund, he mentioned that Cohen wouldn’t tell Trump about the various women who wanted hush money. Giuliani said Cohen just paid them. Giuliani said Cohen just paid them. He also stated that he’d do the same thing. Trump was too busy Tweeting to care for the names of the women who want hush money from him.”

I agreed with Ginger’s point but didn’t know what that had to do Ginger.

“You could write to Cohen and say that you are Ginger, and that you want $130,000 from him as hush money. Wouldn’t that cover my expenses for a long time? Just a thought.”

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