Commander and Chief of What?

Donald the Dumb is the SNAFU and Chief. Here are just a couple truly stupid things that he has said. After saying nothing for nearly two weeks, Donald the Dumb was asked by a reporter about four Special Forces deaths in Niger.

Special Forces fallen soldiers

To cover Donald the Dumb’s butt for not calling any of their families, he attacked President Obama and other presidents for not calling or writing. Then Donald the Dumb called SSgt. Johnson’s wife. She and her congresswoman were in a car going to the airport to receive his casket. The congresswoman was upset about what Trump said, she told the media. Trump claims that she was lying and that he had proof. However, Johnson’s wife reinforced the congresswoman’s statement as being correct.

Donald the Dumb talked to another fallen soldier’s father and promised him that he would send $25,000. I assume that he would use his personal money. Trump claims to be a multibillionaire. Nevertheless, he promised the grieving father $25,000. That is a pittance of a gift from a rich fat cat. In addition, what about the other soldiers who died? Will they get a check also? To make matters even worse, the father hasn’t received the $25,000. Either Donald the Dumb lied or the mail is really slow. You decide.

Then there is the issue of Puerto Rico. Donald the Dumb said that Hurricane Maria, which hit Puerto Rico on September 6th was not as bad as Katrina. Donald the Dumb said that Maria was not “a real catastrophe, like Katrina.”

Puerto Rico after Maria

That may account for it taking nearly two weeks to get Trump to visit Puerto Rico for four or five hours. However, he did entertain himself by tossing the needy paper towels.

Then Donald the Dumb tweets:

Then Donald the Dumb tweeted that Puerto Rico was already experiencing economic problems. Apparently, he believes that helping the poor isn’t as important as helping the more affluent people in Texas and Florida.

Yo, Donald, you are our fake president, but hail to the Chief of SNAFU. Hurricane Maria is your Katrina.

Donald the Dumb

Donald the Dumb

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Forrest Gump Film Poster

Forrest Gump, "Stupid is as stupid does."

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