photo of Wolverton Mountain

Wolverton Mountain is located outside Valparaiso, Indiana. I gave that name to the mountain where I use to live. The name is a constant reminder of the power of imagination and a symbol for all who strive to overcome obstacles. Merle Kilgore immortalized his uncle, Clifton Clowers, in the song, Wolverton Mountain in 1962. The song is a metaphor for all who attempt to overcome seemingly insurmountable hurdles in life.

Wolverton Mountain tells how a young suitor falls in love with Clifton Clowers' daughter but cannot be with her because of her overprotective father. The would-be suitor attempts to climb Wolverton Mountain to see his love. Although foiled often in his attempt to reach his goal, the lover vows to continue to try. While the story line of the song is a little folksy, the underlying philosophy of the song serves as a model and message for our lives. Don't give up on your quest to climb your personal mountains of life; follow your dream.

Wolverton Mountain
by Merle Kilgore and Claude King, 1962

They say don't go on Wolverton Mountain,
If you're looking for a wife.
'Cause Clifton Clowers has a pretty young daughter,
He's mighty handy with a gun and a knife.

Her tender lips are sweeter than honey
And Wolverton Mountain protects her there.
The bears and birds tell Clifton Clowers
If a stranger should wander there.

All of my dreams are on Wolverton Mountain.
I want his daughter for my wife.
I'll take my chances and climb that mountain
Though Clifton Clowers, he may take my life

Her tender lips ....

I'm going up on Wolverton Mountain,
It's too lonely down here below.
It's just not right to hide his daughter
From the one who loves her so.

Her tender lips ...

But I don't care about Clifton Clowers,
I'm gonna climb up on his mountain,
I'm gonna take the girl I love,
I don't care about Clifton Clowers,
I'm gonna climb up on his mountain,
I'm gonna take the girl I love.

Her tender lips...