A New Neighbor…
Just Moved in Next Door

Imagine waking up as one of the few residents in the small village of Innaarsuit, Greenland to find a new neighbor moved in right next door. The new neighbor moved into the bay a hundred feet away from your home on this island. Had you lived in the little red home seen in the photo below, an iceberg had moved into your neighborhood.

The new neighbor

People, for whom size matters, like Donald the Dumb, the iceberg was three hundred feet tall and weighed in at 11,023,113 tons. Our fake president, who is “like really smart” couldn’t calculated that 11 million tons equals what thirty Empire State buildings would weigh. The new neighbor took up residence very close to this small island off the West coast of Greenland.

While the imminent danger is whether the iceberg would calve or breakoff portions of the iceberg thus creating a tsunami. Not far from the village of Innaarsuit is Nuugastsiaq. During the summer of 2017, the permafrost melted and created a massive landslide, which created a three-hundred-foot tsunami.

This is a video of the calving process, which occurred on the East coast of Greenland last summer. Watch this video.

Now, we are either experiencing global warming, or it is all a Chinese hoax, which is what Donald the Dumb claims. It is apparent to me that with 250+ hours in college, graduate school, and post-graduate school that global warming is a fact not fake news. Granted, I only had 10-hours of geology in college.

Additionally, one of the major issues with global warming is the cascading effect. When temperatures rise, fires increase throughout the world. The smoke from these fires cause soot and ash. The airborne debris can settle on ice sheets creating blacken ice sheets. The blacken ice sheet absorbs the Sun’s rays, which causes more melting on the ice sheet.

Global warming includes the entire globe. A year ago, I wrote about the Larsen C Ice Sheet in Antarctica. If Antarctica would melt, the sea levels would rise about ten feet worldwide. That seems like a lot of water.

Regardless what our fake president thinks about global warming, something needs to be done immediately. If we don’t deal with global warming, we will live in fantasy land while denying that we are destroying that pale blue dot, which we call home.

This an excellent CNN video about Greenland and global warming.

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