An Open Letter to Dr. Fauci
One American’s Thank You

I have great respect for the medical teams that have kept me alive and functioning for nearly eight decades. Dr. Hadley brought me into this world at the West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital in Camden, NJ.

This is an old post card of the hospital.

Starting with Dr. Hadley, doctors have treated me for minor problems or for my two dances with death, they share my respect for the medical profession.

The two most recent physicians are Dr. James Kozelka and Dr. Emily Garritson. Dr. Kozelka put me on Modafinil, my wonder drug, which allows my overactive brain to focus. Dr. Garritson did two biopsies on an infected area on my leg. The results from the two biopsies were that I have superficial perivascular inflammation with eosinophils. The layperson’s term is a very itchy rash. Dr Garritson has me injecting myself with Dupixent every other week. Hopefully, Dupixent will be my second wonder drug.

I trust my doctors and know that they are looking out for me as they do for all their other patients. They are honest and will tell you what you need to know and how to handle some medical situation.

Therefore, due to my past experiences with doctors, when I watched Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, make his medical presentations as a member of the White House COVID-19 team, I paid attention.

Dr. Fauci

Beyond his medical prowess, I admire his ability to deal with Trump’s insistence on giving his own medical reports, which are totally at odds with any medical opinion. Fauci speaks truth to power quite regularly.

Several days ago, Dr. Fauci was asked in an interview what he thought about Trump’s notion to reopen the country by Easter. I was fascinated by Fauci’s use of the politically correct word, aspirational.

Even though Merriam-Webster’s definition of aspirational is “having or showing a desire to achieve a high level of success or social status,” I don’t know precisely what Fauci really meant with that term, but my guess is that he meant that Trump didn’t have any understanding of COVID-19 and its effect upon Americans. My diagnosis of Trump is that he is essentially a toddler having a temper tantrum while trying to prove to the world he is totally in control of fighting the coronavirus in an attempt to placate our fake president.

Trump and his tantrums

This is what Trump looks like when Dr. Fauci talks softly to him.

Our president

The following is an open letter to Dr. Fauci.

Dear Dr. Fauci,

While you are dealing with the COVID-19, you must deal with our president. You are doing well with both seemingly unsurmountable tasks.

You deserve the thanks from every American. You have an impressive list of honors and awards due to your medical insights. If I was on the Nobel Prize Committee in Stockholm, Sweden, I would have nominated you already.

One of the things that you bring to the table, beyond your medical expertise, is the sense of calm amid the storm. You can’t control the COVID-19 with a pill or injection, but you can help control anxious Americans by guiding them.

The coronavirus is a new dance with death. While all too many Americans won’t be able to lead death of the dancefloor of life, the vast majority will return to their normal lives in the months that lie ahead due to your calming presence and your treatment plan.

Having done the dance with death twice, I know two things that are not truly known or even understood by those that haven’t done the dance. The first is that my clock is ticking. My insight is different than the understanding that those who haven’t done the dance. The second is about the issue of legacy. Legacy is how will the world remember you? What have you added to the lives of people in your journey down the yellow brick road of life? Is the world any better due to your time in the world?

Dr. Fauci, you have a legacy…a very positive one. Someday, I hope that our paths will cross after COVID-19 is merely a painful memory. I want to shake the hand of a great person.


Al Campbell

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