Disinformation Is Deadly
So, Why Lie to America?

The first case of the coronavirus was confirmed in the US on January 20, 2020. However, Trump dissed COVID-19 publicly. His mantra was that masks and social distancing weren’t necessary or needed. Trump had a better suggestion…disinfectant.

The medical professionals throughout the world thought that was another insane ideal from Trump. After dissing masks and social distancing, Trump was taken to Walter Reed on October 2 with COVID-19. After several days of treatment and experimental drugs, he is discharged on the 5th.

Trump leaving Walter Reed wearing a mask

If being felled by the coronavirus wasn’t enough, Trump lost the presidential election to Joe Biden a month later. Interestingly, in early January, Trump and his wife received their COVID-19 vaccine. Why did Trump get his shot?

If I were going to overthrow an election that I lost by a coup d'état on January 6, I would have gotten a shot and then tell my mob that I’d walk down to the Capitol them yelling about a stolen election.

Trump’s lack of leadership resulted in more than 25 million confirmed COVID cases and more than 400,000 deaths at the time of January 6. Everything that Trump attempts, he will lose. He is the Loser-in-Chief.

Jim Carrey’s cartoon of Captain Ahab, aka Trump, wanted world dominance but lost.

However, while Trump failed, what about Trucker Carlson and the disinformation about the COVID vaccines? Carlson maintains that President Biden’s drive to vaccinate more Americans is “the greatest scandal in my lifetime.”

Tucker Carlson

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sees this as Hitler and the brownshirts. She said that wanting Americans to get vaccinated is like “medical brownshirts showing up at their door ordering vaccinations.”

QAnon Greene

Rep. Lauren Boebert claims that those who will come to your front door are “needle Nazis.”

Rep. Boebert is into weapons.

While this disinformation is killing people today, some are making more absurd claims. Some true-believers maintain that microchips are hidden in the vaccine. If the government could vaccinate everyone, then the government could know where everyone was all time.

As I was finishing up this article, Ginger wanted to know what I was doing. I mentioned the microchip issue. Her comment was that she had one put near her shoulder blade a couple weeks after her birth.

After explaining that the microchip was in the vaccine, Ginger looked at me with disbelief written all over her face. All that she said was, “That can’t be.” Then she added, “Let’s go for a walk.”

This is an interesting CNN video regarding the vaccine debate.