Defining the Definition

The election is over. After months of the candidates talking, what have we gained? Soon the Donald will be the president. Clinton took a lot a grief and criticism for saying that half of the Donald's supporters were deplorable.

I googled deplorable, and this is what I found:

Deplorable—adjective that means deserving strong condemnation. 

Synonyms: disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable, unworthy, inexcusable, unpardonable, unforgivable, reprehensible, despicable, abominable....

Before I get into dealing with the issue of half of the Donald's supporters being deplorable, I have created a video montage of portions of several of the Donald's speeches.  Watch them in their entirety, or merely watch a few seconds as a reminder of something that you have heard him say.


Dealing with ISIS

Trump and our generals

Response to a Mexican-American reporter

American judge with a Mexican heritage

Disabled reporter

Muslim ban

Obama and birtherism

Business failures

John McCain

The Donald's use of Tic Tacs

Miss Universe

Women and Megyn Kelly

The Donald's hand size

The Donald on Global warming

On the Donald making up his mind

The Donald's acceptance of the election results

Now, that isn't a complete list of things that the Donald has said, which have caused many Americans to shutter.  Nonetheless, I have three questions for my readers.

Question #1.  What word would you use to describe any one of those statements?

Question #2.  If the term, deplorable, fits, what word would you use to describe anyone who followed the Donald's deplorable comments?

Question #3.  Assuming that I made my point, what are we going to do for the next four years or the rest of our lives to remedy the problems facing our nation, which are deplorable.  Racism, sexism, sexual abuse, xenophobia, dissing people with physical disabilities, accepting election results, being dishonest, etc. are all deplorable and need to be changed.  


We need to address Les Deplorables

I get that we often have differing points of view on many political topics.  That is a given.  However, if America lasts in our world, we need to be honest.  We can recognize our disagreements when we are honest.  Nonetheless, when we are dishonest about our disagreements, that merely muddies the water.  The result is remaining deplorable today, tomorrow, and forever.

I have written many essays about dancing with death and how that changed my Weltanschauung (worldview).  Doing the dance was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Two things happened as a result.  Facing my finiteness caused me to come alive.  I am more alive today than I ever imagined I could have been.  In the time remaining in this world for me, I am driven to live.

The other radical change within my psyche is the issue of my legacy.  What will I leave the world?  Beyond the issue of money and things, how will I be remembered by my family, friends, and the world? 

Therefore, to all the deplorables out there.  Trust me.  You and I are mortals.  The only difference between us is that having done the dance I fully realize it.  I live everyday as best I can.  The time will come when I am gone.  In the meantime, dancing with death changed me. 

The Donald and I are within a couple of years of each other age wise.  He is not immortal.  The haunting question is whether he is addressing his deplorable behavior.  The haunting question for you is what is your modus operandi?  Choose wisely.  

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