Fake News or Real News
I Can Imagine the Debate in Congress

UFOs have caught our attention for decades. When I was thirteen, I went to see Earth vs. The Flying Saucers. My friends and I were fascinated by aliens invading the world. It wasn’t out of fear that captivated us. What intrigued us was that flying saucers were flown by little green men.

They are coming to get us.

Beyond the countless movies, there was Roswell, NM. Many believe aliens crashed a flying saucer near Roswell. An eyewitness, Oliver Henderson, stated that wreckage was taken to Hangar 18 at Wright Field. Apparently, another eyewitness saw aliens alive at Wright Field that came from the crash site in Roswell. This was said to be one of the aliens who later died while in captivity.

A real-life dead alien

Now, in the twilight years of my life, America is still fascinated by aliens and their spacecrafts. The major difference between then and now is that our government has changed the name from flying saucers to UFOs and then to UAP or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

Let me get all my educational cards on the table. After graduating from high school, I spent four years in college, three years in graduate school, a year in post-graduate school, and another four years getting my doctorate. If you were to add up all those credit hours, it would be over 260 hours. Ask me how many hours I took in any science class. The answer is 10-hours of geology while in college.

Also, I am fully aware of the old warning, “For fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” It seems to me that there are three possible explanations for what has been seen. The first is that UAP are actual manmade aircrafts. The origins of these flying objects could be Russian, Chinese, or American. I can’t believe that either the Russians or the Chinese could have developed that type of technology in the late 40s, which means that they just created it in the last decade or so. If that is true, who made the UAPs decades before?

The next explanation is that what seems like flying objects results from various phenomena like optical illusions due to weather or climatic situations. Seeing things that aren’t really there does occur but not as often as the various sightings indicate.

The only other explanation is that aliens are watching us. If that is true, I can’t believe that our government will come out and say so. On October 30, 1938, The Mercury Theatre on the Air presented a radio version of H. G. Wells’s book, The War of the Worlds.

The Marians are coming to get us.

Orson Welles narrated the radio broadcast. Even though it was on Halloween and there were disclaimers about this not actually happening, many Americans thought that the Marians had invaded.

The Marians are coming to get us.

While that radio program occurred over eight decades ago, Trump and the Republican lemmings will yell, “Fake news.” Regardless of what Trump and his dittoheads might think, these aliens aren’t going to annihilate all humanity and then steal diamonds and gold from us. They are there observing and watching us make stupid mistakes. We have nothing that some highly developed form wants or needs. We are just a pale blue dot in the vastness of the universe.

Perhaps, they might help us avoid making things worse here on Earth, like global warming, or in some manner assist us in dealing with some deadly variant of COVID-19. The UAPs might be at this very moment considering helping humankind by one of them swooping down while over Mar-a-Lago and kidnap Donald the Dumb. Then it could dart off to some distant galaxy like A2744 YD4, which is more than 13 billion light-years from us in deep space.

A2744 YD4 galaxy is 13.2 billion light-travel distance from us.

This UAP could pick a planet someplace in A2744 YD4, much like Earth, and deposit Trump on a place like Devil’s Island. Henri Charriere, aka Papillon, went to prison on Devil’s Island.

Trump’s new celestial Mar-a-Lago

Papillon and Trump both claim that they were innocent of a litany of offenses. Regardless, UAP could put an end to having to hear Trump’s mantra that it was a stolen election. That would be a heavenly blessing. Time will tell.

This video is of 60 Minutes addressing UAPs.

This video is of some eyewitnesses to a flying saucer crashing near Roswell.

This is Orson Welles, The War of the Worlds video.