Finding a King Cobra in Indy...
Frank Buck and Associate Will Bring 'Em Back Alive.

Looking back upon the past 4-years since Jack entered my world, I have been intrigued by what he sees in his wondrous new world. He always wants to know, learn, and explore. Now, Owen, who is 2-years old, is following in the footsteps of his older brother. Ya-Ya and I babysit for them each Wednesday in Indy. Where we go with them is open to them. One day, we went to a local playground where we played for an hour, which meant that Owen's naptime caused him to have to leave with Ya-Ya while Jack and I explored the nearby creek.

Jack and I walked along the banks, which had wood chips creating a very nice walking trail. We walked and talked. Then suddenly Jack stopped and asked, "What's that?" I turned and did not see a thing. My retort was, "See what?" Jack pointed down at the wood chips. Still, I did not see anything...until it moved.

"Jack, that is a king cobra." How Jack and I got into king cobras over the past year or so, I do not recall. However, we make our hands look like king cobras and will have a conversation with each other. There is a good king cobra and a bad king cobra. The bad king cobra will be put in time-out until it decides to be a nice king cobra.

Therefore, even though what Jack discovered was a very tiny garter snake, naturally, I called it a king cobra. I bent down and picked up a 8-inch long garter snake...and then the questions began. What kind of snake is it, what is that in his mouth, etc. There we sat talking about our version of a king cobra. Sadly, while we had a great time talking, Jack probably will not remember his finding of our king cobra when he has grown up. However, he will have this article.

After asking every question imaginable about this tiny garter snake. I told him about when I was young. I would hunt for garter snakes where I lived and bring them home and show them to my brothers. Then I would put them in a box and find bugs for them to eat. After a couple of days, my father would release them back into the wild without telling me. I just assumed the garter snakes escaped their captivity naturally.

Then Jack wanted to show what he found to Owen. So off Frank Buck and his associate went to show Owen. Owen was still taking his nap, however, a neighbor came by with her three children.

That began Jack's desire to show them what he had found. He would tell them about the kind of snake, its red-folked tongue, and little beady eyes. As a grandfather, it is interesting to observed Jack's desire to know, and once finding out, his desire to share his knowledge.

Finally, Owen awakes and Jack begins to explain about how he found this king cobra to Owen.

Jack is explaining the garter snake's tongue to Owen.

I asked Owen whether he wanted to touch or hold the snake.
However, he was in his "No mood."

Jack, realizing Owen is missing something, points
to the snake, which gets Owen's attention.

Okay, I will look at it.

Okay, I'll touch it.

"Hey, Jack, look at his tongue."

After several hours with the king cobra, Frank Buck and his associate returned him to the wild. We have gone back several times in an attempt to find our king cobra again but to no avail. Maybe next time, Frank Buck and his associate can bring 'em back alive again.

I hope that Jack, Owen, and I can find some turtles soon. They are actually more fun than king least they were when I was growing up many decades ago.