I’m Into Evil Eyes
They Work Wonders

While I can’t provide the statistical data for this claim, I would bet on it. My assertion is that I have more evil eyes in my possession than anyone in America and probably in the world. Regardless of betting, many Americans aren’t even sure what an evil eye is.

So, this is brief history lesson not of everything but only of evil eyes. The origin goes back to Greek antiquity. Researchers have found well over a hundred places where the ancient Greek writers mentioned them. Plato, Theocritus, Plutarch, Pliny the Elder, etc. are some of various Greek writers. They all believed that the evil eye had some type of force or power within it.

Evil eyes, having started in ancient Greece around 700 BC, expanded throughout the Roman Empire and into the entire world. Over my journeys particularly in Greece and Turkey, I have acquired a couple of dozens evil eyes. However, in the past half dozen years, I have gotten many hundreds of them. In additionally, I have given them as gifts.

I have used them successfully to ward off all sorts of problems. When the coronavirus spread throughout America, I acquired a plague doctor’s mask.

For several months, I have avoid getting COVID-19. However, the summer heat makes that mask too hot to use. Therefore, I got a regular protective masks recommended by the CDC. You know, the type that Donald the Dumb views as an anathema.

However, to be on the safe side, I got a face mask with evil eyes on it. So far, it has protected me when I am out. I also have used evil eye wrist bands for over a year.

Ginger uses a blue mask when out in public.

However, our Courageous Commander in Chief (CCC) doesn’t use evil eyes masks or even the run-of-the-mill variety. Donald the Dumb uses a bunker for protection. When Donald the Dumb, CCC, looked out from the White House and saw the protesters, he sheltered in place in the underground bunker of the White House.

Where is our Courageous Commander in Chief?

After making it safely through that night, our fake president marched across Lafayette Park for a photo op at St. John Episcopal Church with a Bible in hand.

This is a Bible.

When asked about his visit to the White House’s underground bunker, he said that he was merely inspecting it late that evening. What the Bible meant is beyond me.

Trump, our Bunker President, knows that he has really messed up our country’s copping with COVID-19. Look at this data from John Hopkins University COVID-19 website.


Trump claims that 99% of Americans with COVID-19 shouldn’t worry; it is “totally harmless.” Where did he get that data? However, this was the headline in Salon three months ago: 90% of US COVID-19 deaths may have been prevented if social distancing began sooner: epidemiologists. Trump might have made a slight reading mistake, which caused the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans.

Ask anybody in America whether they aren’t worried about COVID-19. Over 135,000 people have already died on our Courageous Commander in Chief’s watch. By August 1st, the CDC predicts 140-160,000 will have died. When this pandemic wanes, the total deaths of Americans could reach ten times or more than the death total now.

If Trump’s claim that the effect of COVID-19 is “totally harmless” for 99% of the cases, why does he get tested daily?

Yo, Donald. I’d recommend wearing a face mask when in public. You used one when visiting wounded service members and healthcare providers at Walter Reed. You stated, “When you’re in a hospital, especially…I think it’s expected to wear a mask.” Why in a hospital? Are you afraid of catching the coronavirus? Hey, it is “totally harmless,” but you are worried. Have you considered the rest the population of America? Why shouldn’t you encourage all of us to wear a face mask?

We can make America great again by dumping Donald the dumb.