Impulse Control
Ginger and Trump

Ginger and I were having supper last week while we watched the news on TV. It was, for the moment, just a nice quiet time before we went for a walk around the neighborhood. However, some reporter mentioned Donald the Dumb as it related to impulse control issues. He has impulse control issues about women and generally everyone else with whom he disagrees. Then another reporter mentioned what David Brooks said, “I would have swapped out Donald Trump's frontal cortex for somebody else's for a little more self-control.”

Donald the Dumb is a bit impulsive.

However, Ginger centered on the term, impulse control, and commented, “My vet said that I have some impulse control issues that need to be addressed.”

I responded to Ginger that she jumps up on everyone. She just wants to play with everyone and/or every dog that she sees.

Ginger’s retort, “Hey, I love playing with everyone. When we go for a walk, I see people or dogs and respond. I’m sure both the people and canines want to play with me.”

I tried to explain that no one wants her jumping on them. That is why I took her to several different trainers. I hoped that she could learn to control her impulses.

Ginger responded, “Okay, I am attempting to grasp what you are saying, but I’m still a puppy. My birthday isn’t until October 28th.”

I concurred, but it is frustrating how much effort that I have employed without a great deal of success. Then I asked Ginger how much she weighed.

Ginger jumped on answering my question. “I am almost 70-pounds.”

I came back as quickly mentioning that is a lot of weight for her to throw around while we are walking around the neighborhood.

To which Ginger inquired, “Is that the reason for the E-collar to discourage my over exuberance?”

The following day, Ginger and I visited with Chuck, who is helping me train Ginger.

I told her that was the reason for the E-collar or shock collar. If she couldn’t learn to control her impulses better, she would have to attend a week long super-obedience class and live in a kennel where the class is held.

“Well, I’ll try harder, but we get along quite well.”

I agreed that we do. She doesn’t jump on me, but she does with nearly everyone else.

Ginger thought for several minutes and then suggested an idea. “Maybe John Kelly, Trump’s chief of staff, could get him an E-collar also. Kelly could try to train Trump to control his impulses by using it.”

Donald the Dumb and his psych issues

I concurred but suggested that it shouldn’t be called an E-collar, which is the politically correct term for shock collar. I added that Donald the Donald has impulse control issues with the use of politically correct terms.

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