Jacks and Owen Drawings
For Five Ladies

I love going to Indy to visit Jack and Owen, my two grandsons. We talk about their concerns as well as mine. One of my concerns is teaching. Several weeks ago, I went in to see Lisa, who once was a student of mine and then became my techy guru. She oversees online learning where I teach and where she works. The college is moving from one online software program to another, and I had to adapt by learning the new system. I went to see Lisa in her office and, by chance, noticed several dozen small stuffed panda bears on a shelf just above her computer. I asked Lisa about the meaning of the pandas on parade on her bookshelf. She explained that the new software program uses these stuffed pandas as a logo for their software program.

Lisa knows about my two young grandsons, because I talk about them all the time. Jack is 6 and Owen is 4. She knows about their ability to name dozens of paintings including the artists. It should be noted that one of the classes Lisa took from me was art history. Jack and Owen impress her. So she took two pandas off the shelf and gave them to me as her present for Jack and Owen.

The boys got their panda bears the following week. Jack, who is the artist of the family, went to his desk and drew a panda bear and wrote a note thanking Lisa for his panda.

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The yellow posit note states that this drawing was from Al Campbell's grandson.

This panda drawing is the backstory. Jack and Owen always want to know what is important to me. They both know all about my trip to Myanmar three years ago and my quest to interview Aung San Suu Kyi, the Lady.

Therefore, before I even have Aung San Suu Kyi agree to allow me an interview, they are beginning to do some artwork for her.

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Owen is determined and delighted.

They also have seen pictures of Moh Moh, one of my tour guides while in Myanmar, Ti Ti, and her younger sisters. Here again, they are beginning their artwork.

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Jack is concentrating as he works on Ti Ti's picture.

Burma flag

Burmese independence flag

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