Krampus, the Bad Santa…
Is Coming to Get You

During the runup to Christmas, we are quite familiar with the European legends of St. Nicholas. They have dominated our Weltanschauung regarding Christmas especially related to gift giving. The general view of Santa is that he will reward good children and give coal to bad children. He even makes a list of children who are naughty or nice. However, most Americans have never heard of Krampus, which is a part of the Austrian literary folklore. Allow me to introduce the bad Santa to you.


Interestingly, Krampus was a cross between a goat and a man. In Austria, his task was to terrorize children into being good. If the children didn’t obey, they would have hell to pay…literally, which seems a bit too vindictive.

The bad Santa

Krampus morphed the pagan legends related to winter solstice into Christmas stories like St. Nicholas. In parts of Austria and Germany, they still have Krampusnacht, which means Krampus night. Krampus chases kids around town attempting to scare them into being good children.

The morphing of Krampus with good old St. Nicklaus

Even more fascinating is that the Austrians and Germans capitalized upon Krampus around the late 1800s. They made all sorts of postcards about Krampus and his devilish activities.

Another version of the bad Santa

The little boy in front of Krampus is thumbing his nose at him.

These greeting cards often had this strange greeting in German, Gruß vom Krampus, which mean “Greetings from Krampus.” Granted, it is a strange greeting to say nothing of Krampus himself. However, what seems like merely an outdated old Weltanschauung, might in fact be relevant today. Donald the Dumb might consider the Austrian legend of Krampus. He sees himself quite gifted. “Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart.” I’m sure such a brilliant person like him knew all about Krampus…well, maybe.

Okay, I doubt it. If someone told him the legend or read the story before tucking him into bed, he would be more worried about Krampus and not Mueller. That being said, the legend of Krampus is a couple hundred years old. Therefore, Donald the Dumb running around the swamp in Washington is in deep trouble. His is the disputable Baby Trump. Perhaps, in the 21st century, Mueller might be a reincarnation of Krampus. Whether he is or not, Baby Trump knows that Mueller is coming to get him.

Fly where you might, he is coming to get you.