New Year
New Booty

There I was a couple of weeks before Christmas doing my shopping.  This would be the last time that I had to do any shopping.  Actually, I only had several things to get and went to the express checkout lines, which were all clogged.  So, I went to a regular line, which was less clogged, but the person in front of me had a cart full of stuff.  Instead of going back to the express lines, I just stood there and waited. 

As I waited, I looked around at the dozen different varieties of beef jerky that the store had on one side of the checkout line.  On the other side, there were over a dozen magazines.  For some reason, this Cosmopolitan magazine caught my eye.


New Year, New Booty!

While I generally like blondes most of the time, what I noticed was located at the bottom right of the cover: New Year, New Booty.  Now, to be honest with you, I initially read Booty as Body.  While I am into remaining in shape this new calendar year, I was half tempted to glance over the article.  Then I realized that I had misread booty, and getting my booty in shape isn't on my personal radar.  Additionally, I did not want those in line behind me noticing my thumbing through Cosmo.

If any of my readers are readers also Cosmo readers, just click on Contact on my tool bar and let me know whether there might have been some information from which I could have benefitted in that article. 

In the meantime, I will follow the regimen that Dr. Marchand, my cardiologist, has me on.  Hardly a day that goes by without me working out on my bike, kayak, or elliptical trainer.  I will do 45-minutes of cardiovascular exercise and 600-crunches.  Okay, my body does not look quite as nice as the gal's on Cosmo's cover.  However, add a half century to her, and I would be willing to compare our bodies.

On a more serious topic, we cannot control all the various medical issues that will come down our various paths in life.  Nonetheless, a good cardiovascular program, of which your physician has approved, is essential to doing what you can do to have a healthy 2016 and many more years.  Randy Pausch reminded all of us, in his Last Lecture, "We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."  Therefore, do what you can to remain healthy and then play your hand wisely.

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