NiC and Narcissus
There Is a Better Alternative.

Apparently, we are approaching the moment in time when I won’t have to write anymore essays about Donald the Dumb, our fake president. Robert Mueller hasn’t called me, or, at least, he didn’t leave a message to notify me that he has concluded his investigation. While I might have been taking Ginger for a walk and missed his call, Mueller is wrapping things up by all accounts.

Nevertheless, as we all impatiently wait, things are closing in upon Donald the Dumb. While Trump is our fake president, he is the Narcissus-in-Chief, aka NiC. A part of me feels sorry for NiC. NiC, like Narcissus, has fallen in love with his reflection in the pool of water in his swamp, which he has created in Washington.

NiC and Narcissus are clones of each other. Years ago, on Mount Kithairón in central Greece, there lived a nymph by the name of Echo. Echo had a voluptuous body, which mesmerized men as soon as they saw her. She also caught the divine eye of Zeus. However, Hera, Zeus’ wife noticed his eyeing Echo, which irked her. So, Hera said to Echo that she would punish the nymph. From then on, Echo could only repeat the last words of anyone that she met.

Time passed and one day, Echo was wandering over hill and dales around Mount Kithairón and happened to notice Narcissus. Narcissus was out hunting. Echo fell in loved immediately but did not greet Narcissus due to the curse of Hera. She merely stalked Narcissus. However, he sensed that someone was following him. Narcissus asked who it was?

This put Echo in an untenable situation due to the curse. So, she repeated what he had just said. Narcissus wanted to meet her, which was near a pond formed by a river. Echo ran up to him all excited. However, Narcissus wasn’t impressed, because she didn’t live up to all the rumors about her.

Man, that guy is handsome.

Nevertheless, Echo replied that he was extremely good looking, which didn’t change his impression of her. Enter Nemesis, the goddess of Revenge, decided to punish Narcissus for his indifference toward Echo. While Echo was pining away as a jilted suitor, Narcissus drank from the pool of water. This is where the Greek narrative contains two different endings.

The first was as Narcissus drank, he noticed his reflection in the water, but he thought it was another person. Narcissus fell in love with the person in the pool of water and dove into the water chasing his reflection deeper and deeper into the pool, which resulted in his drowning.

The alternative ending, which I like the best, is that Narcissus sat there so long suffering due to his unrequited love. After time, Narcissus turned into a gold and white flower.

These are surely better than the alternative.

America will soon be viewing fields of narcissuses when NiC is no longer adding to the swamp, which he created. Hopefully, the narcissus will become America’s flower. It will be a reminder to all of us not to act like Donald the Dumb, aka Narcissus-in-Chief.