Owen's Surprise Birthday Cake for Jack...
The Apprentice to the Master Decorator

When I told Owen about decorating Jack's birthday cake, he understood the task. What intrigued me was that Owen was as careful and exacting at decorating as Jack was.

Owen is two and look at his interest level in doing this decorating project.

After the icing was on, the eyes were needed. Owen was into adding Cookie Monster's eyes.

Aside from the reality that they are my grandchildren, look at Owen carefully getting some chopped up Oreo cookie crumbs for Cookie's mouth.

In addition, he is two years old and wants to do this task perfectly. We finally were almost ready to sing to Jack. Now, if the truth be known, I told Jack that Owen and I were making a surprise for him. He knew precisely what we were doing, but I kept mentioning that it was a surprise.

In addition, when he came into the room for his surprise, I told him that I could not find the reigniting candles that we used for his Daddy's cake and also Owen's. I apologized for not finding the candles even though Owen I used them on his cake. Jack assured me that it would be fine. He just was excited about the cake.

We sang Happy Birthday to Jack as he stood quietly waiting to blow out his surprise birthday cake.

Then came the blowing out the candles, which Owen assisted Jack.

Now, look at Jack's expression when the candles relit.

They tried again.

And again.

And another attempt with determination.

Owen is delighted with the relighting of all four of the candles.

Then Jack positioned himself over the cake and again tried.

Owen has given up assisting Jack in blowing out the candles. Instead, he wanted some of the icing while Jack gives it his all but to no avail.

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