Romney and Irish Setter
The Political Right is Often Wrong.

After returning from a long walk around the lake where I live, Ginger and I relaxed by talking for a few minutes before I went online to teach a couple college classes. I initiated the talk by mentioning that every time we are out walking that she stops and watches the cars pass by.

Ginger retorted, "Well, I guess that it is something that is instinctual." I replied that I missed the instinctual nature of dogs' interest in cars.

Ginger demurred on the issue of dogs; she meant only Irish Setters. "I watch you write all day on your computer. You write about your family, especially about Jack, Owen, and Ti Ti. You deal with Trump who you call Donald the Dumb. You seem keenly interested in your family and politics." I agreed with Ginger.

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"Additionally, you dis the Donald for not being presidential and being self-absorbed. However, surely you know Mitt Romney. Both the Mitt and the Donald are rich in money but aren't rich in ethics or even common sense. There seems to be a disconnect behind some very rich people and their thinking ability. Back in 1983, the Mitt and his family drove from their home in Belmont, Massachusetts to Beach O'Pines, Ontario, which is a distance of about 650-miles. It was a family vacation. However, the Mitt put Seamus, his Irish Setter, in a carrier on the roof of their station wagon. Can you believe that?  It was a 12-hour journey. You picked me up at Home, PA from Melissa who was the breeder. That was only an 8-hour drive to pick me up. Fortunately, you didn't put me on the roof on the return trip."

I told Ginger that I was so happy to get her that I talked to her on the return trip that took a couple extra hours due to stopping, pottying, and eating. Additionally, I had heard about the Mitt tying down a carrier to his car's roof."

Ginger replied, "Did you hear about the Mitt's dog having diarrhea during the trip, and the Mitt stopped to hose out the mess in the carrier, wash the car, and their Setter?" I replied that I had read somewhere about the diarrhea issue. One of his sons said that the mess had been all over the car due to the long time for the dog being in the carrier on the roof.

"What irritates me as your puppy is that there are more village idiots out there beyond the Donald and the Mitt. Rick Santorum isn't much better. Rick said, 'As far as Seamus the dog ... the issues of character are important in this election. We need to look at all those issues and make a determination as to whether that's the kind of person [Romney] you want to be president of the United States.' However, the Rick applies his ethical standards to politics, assuming that he is speaking for some deity. That's again a great deal of self-righteousness while advocating really dumb notions."

I told Ginger that I agreed with her that politics is littered with a great deal of human poop. The political right is oblivious to what they say or do.

Then Ginger added, all those from the political right don't get it. However, I saw a video about Hitler finding out about the Mitt's treatment of the Irish Setter.

I told Ginger that I had never seen that video of Der Führer and the Mitt. However, it was for me another example of how the political right does things, which don't logically connect. Hitler is caring about the Mitt's Irish Setter but doesn't care about killing Jews or others who are not of the Aryan race.

Finally, I added one additional point. The Mitt didn't like the Donald, but when the Donald won, he grovels hoping that Donald the Dumb would give him a job. Interestingly, the Mitt didn't get a job.

This video is of an interview by Chris Wallace of Mitt Romney regarding his dog.

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