Scottish Independence
You Need No More Sunshine To Mature.

In the past couple of years, I have written about 4-dozen articles about Scottish independence and spent a month traveling all over Scotland. I have interviewed a couple of Scots for my webpage, but I talked with every Scot that I met while traveling all over Scotland regarding what they call devolution.

So committed I am to the independence movement, I have spent a great deal of time and money both traveling and researching the issue of Scottish independence. I hesitate to mention being Scottish means that I am frugal in both time and talent...and yet I have spent a lot in both.

This first video is of an English entertainer in America. He is much loved by liberal Americans.

The next two videos were from the Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert's ethnic background is Irish and therefore closely linked to Scotland.

And a bit more serious discussion:

Finally, I want all my fellow Scots to remember two from John Witherspoon who said of the American independence movement in 1776 that we need "no more sunshine to mature it" as a nation. That applies to Scotland. My promise to my fellow Scots, "I shall return...."

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