The Donald
A Tale Told by an Idiot, Full of Sound and Fury

Allow me to get all my cards out on the table. I have written about the conservatives and the political right extensively and taught about it in college classes for decades. The conservatives wish to return America to a time in the past. Depending upon the issue, it might be a generation ago or centuries ago. The America, back then, was what the conservatives want for America today. They want to go back to the good old days. Well, the question is whether the good old days were good for everyone and not just good for white males. For example:

  • Racism/segregation. I don't hear blacks wanting to go back to the good old days of segregation or slavery. Blacks aren't pushing for less time to vote or photo identification. Many poor blacks don't have drivers' licenses since they don't have cars. Therefore, who are the ones pushing this form of racism?
    Another issue is the wanton killings of black males now by the police. However, black males will routinely be killed, especially in the South, during the civil rights movement and centuries before.
  • Sexism. Who are the ones telling women about what they are allowed to do reproductively with their bodies? They are told by whom about when to have sex and the reason for sex? The obvious answer is not by women but by men.
    Additionally, women get paid about 25% less than their male counterparts even though they have identical education, training, and experiences.
  • Homophobia. Gays and lesbians are treated in the same ways that racial minorities and women have been treated. In each situation, discrimination is based solely upon their birth. Again, is the LGBT community pushing for second-class status in America?
  • Xenophobia. It is obvious that the Donald and his followers never studied Greek. Xenophobia is derived from two Greek words, ξένος, which means foreigner and φόβος, which means fear. Hence, the word means fear of foreigners. All illegal immigrants from Mexico or Central America cause the Donald fear. Add all Muslims to the Donald's fear list, and that is his basis of xenophobia.
  • Anti-climate change. Many of the political right diss the notion that we are polluting the atmosphere so much that we are going through global warming. This is resulting in the arctic ice shield melting rapidly, ocean water levels are rising, and increase in more intense storms.
  • Anti-universal healthcare reform. Over 15-million Americans are now covered with medical insurance than were covered prior to the passing of healthcare reform. We were the last Western industrial society to provide universal healthcare. However, in 1912, Teddy Roosevelt tried to awaken sleeping America to universal healthcare. Interestingly, also in that year, Norway passed the first universal healthcare program. A century later, America woke up. At both times, the conservatives were against healthcare reform, and at both times, they were wrong.

However, this essay is not about all the trash that the Donald and conservatives push. It is about the way the Donald talks trash. We have watched week after week for more than a year and a half of the Donald talking trash while acting like an irate child. However, the Donald and I watched many of the same TV programs while we were growing up. For example, Candid Camera started on TV in the late 40s and was still on TV in the 70s. The Donald should have realized that, even though Candid Camera is gone, YouTube has replaced it.

This Candid Camera version recorded the Donald being the Donald at his worst. That 2016 version of Candid Camera is scary at two levels.

  1. The first level deals not with what he says alone. Instead of even debating with the Donald, look what we see him do. And he thinks that America needs him?

Grow up

  1. The second level is a warning. If we are not careful, we risk teaching our children to emulate the Donald. What a role model. His political nonsense doesn't make sense. However, his inane behavior makes far less sense and is seen by millions of Americans and billions throughout the world.

The Donald should have read Shakespeare's Macbeth's soliloquy. This is Orson Welles playing Macbeth.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing.

Donald the Dumb

Donald the Dumb

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