Time to Update My Life...

My three children and adult granddaughter have made many semi-negative quips regarding my clothes being a bit outdated, along with some of the other things around my house that need to be more trendy. Only Jack and Owen, who are 6 and 4 aren't concerned. In fact, during one of my art history classes that I was teaching them, I mentioned the Uffizi Gallery walls were covered with paintings. Jack's retort was that it is just like my house. And so it is.

Description: https://scontent.ford1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/t31.0-8/13411899_1123435377677898_3026459222142173545_o.jpg

Description: https://scontent.ford1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/t31.0-8/13123050_1103468606341242_1012839447218353747_o.jpg

Description: https://scontent.ford1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/l/t31.0-8/13558866_1136014579753311_6159861125814851015_o.jpg

In my defense, I have told the older part of my family that my father was far more of a packrat than I am. Nonetheless, my comment hasn't fended off their critiquing me concerning my old stuff. Many of the old items are what I call my treasures, which I have picked up on various trips overseas starting back in the late 60s when I went to New College at the University of Edinburgh.  My stuff not only appeals to me but it brings back memories.

For example, I have sweatshirts dating back more than a quarter century. My favorite two belts are nearly a half century old. Can you imagine the memories that rush back when I wear either of those items?

Having written all this backstory, can you imagine what one of my favorite TV programs is?  American Pickers on the History Channel. I can identify with that program.

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American Pickers

If this were my family room, can you imagine the memories it would conger up?

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Imagine the memories of this room

I have a bike that I raced across the state of Iowa during the 2000 RAGBRAI. Okay, it was a race of sorts for some. In addition, I wasn't racing 50+ miles per day when I was in my late 50s. Having said that, I ride that same bike everyday 10-miles around the lake in my subdivision. However, this isn't the bike, but it is moving slowly in that direction.

Description: http://cannonbahl.com/sites/default/files/dp2.JPG

It is a bit rusty....

This isn't my garage, but I wish it were.

Description: http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6201/6137227504_f8d190ee1b.jpg

My garage doesn't how all this stuff.

However, in my garage, I have a rooked rug that I designed and made 52-years ago while taking the Arts at college.

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Nonetheless, at my age, I know things wear out. Therefore, I am beginning to look around at all my treasures to determine which items might possibly need updating. To be quite candid, I won't throw them away. I'll save them somewhere in some closet or drawer. I merely need to add some newer things.

As I was writing this essay a week ago, I happened to be drinking coffee out of a drinking mug that is 20-years old if a day. Then it dawned on me. I finally found something that needed a newer version...my old faded green mug.

Description: E:\DCIM\379CANON\IMG_7977.JPG

Then came my next issue.  What color mug should I get? Green isn't my favorite color, but it was the only color that the store had a couple of decades ago. So being the computer geek that I am, I googled insulated drinking mugs. Man, the color choices available was great.

It didn't take a nanosecond for me to decide on blue. Actually, blue is my favorite color.  Interestingly, blue is also Jack's favorite color. When I tell him about getting a blue mug, he will be happy and tell me that is his favorite also.

Nevertheless, Owen's favorite color is yellow. Papa having a new blue mug might cause a problem, which I quickly resolved by buying two mugs: one mug blue and the other one yellow. This next item is an aside: when I give the boys Christmas or birthday gifts, can you imagine the color of paper that I use for each of them each year?

Description: C:\Users\Owner\Pictures\1 Al Photos\376CANON\IMG_7974.JPG

Therefore, my decision is a win/win for Jack, Owen, and me. I get two new mugs featuring each of their favorite colors. Additionally, when my adult family members suggest getting rid of some of my treasures, I can say that I have already done so. I'll show them my two new coffee mugs. That will allow me maybe a decade of not having to hear them making anymore suggestions about updating my treasures. We will see.