Trump’s Nemesis
President Obama

From the time that Trump considered running for the presidency, he brought up the issue that President Obama was not born in the US and said that he was born in Kenya. While Trump finally admitted that Obama was born here, he hardly mentions anything that he is doing without saying that he is doing his job much better than Obama. Often, Trump will say that he is only second to Abraham Lincoln.

Why is Trump so obsessed about Obama? Trump can’t adjust to the fact that a black man was elected as president and was successful. Obamacare created Trump’s biggest sense of inferiority. Obama is Trump’s giant nemesis lurking over his shoulder.

Two men….

At the national economy level, Trump claims that he has outdone Obama when it comes to that issue. I truly wonder whether Trump actually believes lies that he created. The following chart compares the GNP over the first two decades of the 21st century.

Quarterly economic growth

Trump claims that he turned the American economy around. Well, that isn’t even close to being correct. Obama was elected during the 2008 stock market crash during the last years of the Bush administration. Nevertheless, in a relatively short period of time, Obama got our economy out of the financial crisis, which meant that Trump inherited a very good economy. Trump claims the credit for what Obama did during his two terms, which is another of Trump’s blatant lies. What we need is to compare the performance of the two presidents on a level playing field.

And, out of nowhere, the level playing field arrived for that comparison. It was sent from Wuhan, China. The coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing the Stock Market and other financial indices to go back to the chaos of 2008. Now, we have a level playing field to see how Trump truly manages our economy. It took Obama two consecutive quarters to move America’s GNP out of negative territory of the 2008 Stock Market Crash. The coronavirus has indeed leveled the playing field for beginning the comparison. Let’s compare.

How well has Trump done in the first half of his first quarter of the coronavirus attack? Only Trump thinks the coronavirus is totally manageable. Absolutely no one believes that. The economy and healthcare have both crashed. The Stock Market Crash of 2020 and the healthcare tragedy runs parallel to its predecessor in 2008. To be fair, it did take Obama two quarters to turn the economy around.

The first American to get the coronavirus was on January 20, 2020. From that time to the present, it has been two months, which is only half of the first quarter of 2020. Trump still has six more months to turn our economy around and to address the multitude of people suffering from the coronavirus. Go to this link from the Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE). It is updated every couple of hours. It seems like COVID-19 is a bit more than just another hoax. Nevertheless, Trump disses Obama regarding the swine flu outbreak. Trump claims that Obama was responsible for the “full scale disaster, with thousands dying, and nothing meaningful done to fix the testing problem, until now.”

Obama and the swine flu

I wonder whether someone could ask Trump to allow Obama to lead the country out of the “full scale disaster” that Trump made from dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. In a recent poll, Americans don’t trust Trump on the coronavirus issue.

Americans don’t trust Trump