What’s Donald the Dumb Doing During the Shutdown?
Watching Westerns on TV

The shutdown in Washington has adversely affected nearly a half million federal workers. They are either on furlough and not being paid, or they are working and not being paid. Most all of these people, according to Donald the Dumb, are democrats. That explains their complaining about the shutdown…I guess. Our fake president doesn’t care, because he is like really rich, as in billions and billions of dollars.

However, one of my friends, who has a job in the West Wing and is a carryover from President Obama’s administration, will often call me after getting home from work. She reads all my essays, but I never mentioned her name due to her fear of being fired. She is not a Trumper. However, early one morning, she called for our fairly regular weekly chat. Before we got into our chit chat, I asked my friend about why she called during normal working hours? Her response was that she called off work, like some of the TSA workers were doing. It was her quasi-defiant response to the shutdown.

My friend mentioned Ti Ti and my family in Burma. Our federal government still calls Myanmar by the old name. Actually, the US Embassy is in Rangoon. It has been years since I have used Rangoon; it is now Yangon. Regardless, she loves to hear about my family that live in Taunggyi, Myanmar. She read in Monday’s essay about my complaining about all the IRS employees aren’t working during the shutdown, which will delay getting my 501(c)3 approved. I thanked my friend about clarifying that some vital IRS employees are still working. However, she doubted that I would get approved soon, even though I had all my documentation sent to the IRS a couple of months ago.

Nonetheless, she and I talked about how much longer it will be before Donald the Dumb finally folds and all the federal employees return to work. My mole friend did say that getting Baby Trump stressed out worsens his stance on the issue of the wall.

My friend heard Donald the Dumb say to someone that the shutdown could go on for a year or more. She said that she wouldn’t bet that Donald the Dumb wouldn’t try to do precisely that, regardless of the cost to the nation.

I inquired about how Donald the Dumb busies himself during the shutdown. She mentioned that he tweets and calls Hannity more often. However, my friend mentioned something in passing that, when he gets upset, he grabs his TV remote and clicks it to a channel that runs old Western movies.

While we were talking, my friend sent a link to one of the Westerns, which really caught his attention. I thanked her and said that I am looking forward to hearing from her next week. After I hung up, I watched the video of the film, which went back about six decades.

I was shocked to paraphrase Colonel Louie Renault in the movie, Casablanca. I was shocked that he had watched Trackdown, which is an old black and white Western. I couldn’t believe that he was watching someone who was the villain with the same last name as his. This movie’s Trump was attempting to steal money from the town’s people.


The first Trump was selling the notion to the locals that he could build a wall to protect them.

Interestingly, the sheriff caught up with the first Trump and arrested him. However, Donald the Dumb, after watching the film, was smart enough to realize that Robert Mueller was hot on his trail. Donald the Dumb is spending time testing some magical parasols that Senator Lindsey Graham have offered him.

Trump’s magical parasol doesn’t seem to work.

This is the entire video about his namesake, the seller of parasols.

Interestingly, my friend mentioned that she heard that a sequel to the Western movie, Trackdown, was coming out very soon. The new movie features Michael Flynn as the main character. It is called Lock Him Up.

Lock Him Up