What is Critical Race Theory?
Two Options

Option #1 regarding Critical Race Theory.

Many people hold this option.

Option #2 regarding Critical Race Theory.

This option discusses the issue of Critical Race Theory, CRT, as a systemic issue. It attempts to address the social problems that adversely affect people of color in America. There are reasons for blacks, who make up 13% of the population, being killed by police at more than twice the rate than white Americans. When it comes to COVID-19, blacks are also twice as likely to die as whites. However, there are even more blacks percentage-wise living in poverty than whites.

CRT addresses the systemic racism throughout the various institutions in America. Whether in the job market, educational system, housing market, criminal justice system, etc., racism is rooted in our laws and regulations. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva pointed this out in his book, Racism without Racists. The embeddedness of racism in the various institutions in America allows racism to exist without racists.

The systemic nature of racism

CRT is out to find fault with individuals and blame whites for slavery. What CRT wants to do is to discuss addressing racism. Slavery has been in North America since 1619. Since then and to the present, racism hasn’t been dealt with, and as a result, it has been woven into the very fabric of America. We need to change our Weltanschauung.

Whites need to address racism individually and institutionally. We need to change the status quo. CRT can help whites find themselves. The alternative is more racial bigots and white supremacists. The reason for racism and white supremacy is based upon fear of the inadequacy…of whites.