What White Old Men Need to Understand
From a White Old Man

Winston Churchill said regarding governments, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” Winnie was right. In our democracy across the pond from England, we are going through some really stupid times. We have a president who got elected not by the majority of the votes cast but due to the Electoral College. Interestingly, the Electoral College was put into our Constitution for several reasons. Two significant reasons were that some Founding Father wanted to have a check over the voting of the people to make sure they didn’t make a mistake. Also, there was the question of slaves voting. Winnie was right again. Had we had a more democratic democracy, we wouldn’t be dealing with Donald the Dumb, our fake president. While we are dealing with Donald the Dumb, Robert Mueller’s investigation of our fake president his flipped Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos, Michael Cohen, and Paul Manafort. As that investigation continues, Donald the Dumb nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Brett Kavanaugh was accused by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford of sexual misconduct.

Dr. Ford testified regarding the sexual attack by Kavanaugh. A complete video of the Ford and Kavanaugh’s testimonies are at the end of this essay. Dr. Ford, as a victim, was well composed and recounted what took place while she was with Kavanagh and his friend, Mark Judge.

Dr. Ford

However, Kavanaugh acted like Donald the Dumb by blaming others for the issues.

A fair and impartial judge….

After listening to an imitation of Donald the Dumb by Kavanaugh, Sen. Flake pushed for an FBI investigation. What Donald the Dumb ordered was that the FBI talk with four people. The only four people that Trump allowed the FBI to investigate were Mark Judge, Leland Keyser, Patrick Smyth, and Chris Garrette. Neither Ford, Kavanaugh, Deborah Ramirez and twenty people who could corroborate her story, Charles Ludington, Kerry Berchem, Julie Swetnick, Elizabeth Rasor (Judge’s girlfriend), and others to testify. The FBI could only interview the people Trump wanted to be investigated.

So, Donald the Dishonest got his way…for the moment. Trump, the person that 19 woman accused him of sexually attacking them, won a battle defending Kavanaugh of similar sexual misconduct. Winnie was right again.

Trump, the altar boy, “I didn’t do it.

Nonetheless, Donald the Dumb’s days are quickly coming to an unpleasant end when Mueller issues his report. In the meantime, we need to remember that we won’t win every battle, but every battle must be fought if we wish to win the war. 

This video is to both statements of Dr. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh.