The Woman in Green
From Ginger’s Point of View

Ginger and I had another meal and a movie date night last Saturday evening. Ginger had her dry dog food with a topper of mackerel. Ginger was in seventh heaven with mackerel added to her normal evening meal. I had cordon bleu for my dinner. While we had dinner, we watched another one of the Sherlock Holmes movies, The Women in Green. However, we didn’t spend very much time after dinner discussing the movie.

The Woman in Green

Ginger had spent a half hour playing soccer with me and was really tired. This is a couple minutes of her daily exercise program.

Therefore, we finished dinner. Ginger munched upon one of her bones while I put the dishes in the dishwasher. The last thing that we do is to take a short walk around the end of the lake, which is our soccer field. This allows her time to go potty. Our nightly activities back at home is my brushing my teeth and Ginger munching on a carrot, which cleans her canine teeth. Then off we go to bed.

The night came and went quickly. The first thing that I noticed was that Ginger was two inches away from me just waiting impatiently for me to open my eyes the next morning. When I realized that daybreak had arrived, I told her to sit down and give me just five more minutes before I got up. Ginger did precisely that; she sat down on my back, all 75-pounds of my Irish Setter. She has learned that plopping down on my back gets me moving.

Then Ginger said, “Hey, we need to go out front where I can supervise the workers connecting the sewer lines.”

The main sewer line in the street has been done for weeks. However, now they are coming back to dig up the line from the house to the main sewer.

Ginger loves her job as supervisor in chief of the construction project. All the workers reward her for her efforts by playing with her.

Ginger looked back at me and said, “I need to be closer to the action. So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to get a bit closer.”

I just stood there as Ginger kept an eye upon the digging. The construction workers broke up the end of the driveway and were about to dig down to connect the sewer lines together.

“If you would like to talk about the movie while I’m working, we could do so.”

I realized that I really didn’t have much of a choice. Since Ginger was in her catbird seat, I opened our discussion about The Woman in Green by asking her what she thought about the film.

“Well, I liked it even though there were places that I got confused. It is interesting that the film’s plot is based upon two of Arthur Conan Doyle’s books: The Final Problem and The Empty House. Scotland Yard was looking into the murders of several young women who were murdered in London. Interestingly, in each case the victims had a finger removed from their hand. Professor Moriarty and Lydia Marlowe were responsible for the killings. However, when they realized that Sherlock Holmes was after them, Lydia drugged Sherlock Holmes. I could not figure out why that didn’t kill him.”

I agreed. I was waiting for Sherlock Holmes to cough and get rid of the pill.

“It wasn’t until the end of the film that Sherlock Holmes explained how he had taken another drug that contracted the poison pill.”

I mentioned that the sniper shooting at Sherlock Holmes from the other building caught me off guard also.

To which Ginger replied, “Thought that Sherlock Holmes’ comment about his silhouette at which the sniper fired was interesting. ‘Incidentally, you might have noticed that all through the ages prominent men have prominent noses.’ I think that applies to you and me. We both have prominent noses, don’t you think?”

My only retort was that I do like Ginger’s nose.

“The last comment that Sherlock Holmes made in the movie really caught my attention. ‘I'm thinking of all the women who can come and go in safety in the streets of London tonight. The stars watch in the heavens, and in our own little way, we too, old friend, are privileged to watch over our city.’

I asked Ginger to explain her last comment.

“Well, if the Judiciary Committee had asked Sherlock Holmes to investigate Kavanaugh, they wouldn’t have had to even vote on him. America needs to be protective of women. They are very good at protecting old white males but not women. It is sad.”

You will enjoy watching The Woman in Green.