Managing Director of Datec

I met Doug Norris in London while taking the train to Heathrow Airport. We were both flying to Scotland. In the conversation to Heathrow, we discussed the referendum in Scotland on September 18, 2014 regarding the devolution of Scotland from the UK. Doug agreed to be interviewed about the topic of Scottish independence when Ann and I came to Glasgow. Doug invited us for dinner followed by the interview. Doug and his wife, Utta, showed the typical Scottish grace and hospitality in their home in Glasgow on May 6, 2013. Doug, when he isn't working for devolution, is the Managing Director of Datec Technologies, Ltd., which is a leading IT Asset Management and electronics recyclers company known throughout the European Union. He started his professional career in the aerospace and the defense industry working with Honeywell and British Aerospace. He and Utta have three children.