Burmese Advocacy Center Staff

Since I will be in Burma soon and being anxious to know as much about Burma and its people, I asked Minn Myint Nan Tin who is the Executive Director of the Burmese Advocacy Center in Fort Wayne, IN for help. Minn, whose agency provides assistance to over 6,000 refugees from Burma, suggested that I should interview John and Min Oo. They were more than willing to talk with me about their lives in Burma and their lives in America. You will find both interviews to be very interesting and will give you much knowledge about their lives in Burma and in the States. Surprisingly, I discovered that Min Oo lived for a time after leaving Burma in Camden, NJ. I was born in Camden and grew up in a small town right next door to Camden. John's name is not a typical Burmese name. However, an American missionary worked with him, his family, and the local villagers where many ethnic Chin's lived in Burma. His name reflects that Western influence.