U Htin Kyaw
President of Myanmar
Yangon, Myanmar

Dear U Htin Kyaw:

Three years ago, I spent a month in Myanmar. Of all the places outside of the United States that I have traveled, studied, or taught that one single trip to your country was transformative. It changed me.

I went there in an attempt to interview Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. I was not able to contact her. However, I was able to interview Min Ko Naing when I got to Yangon. I then had a tour company take me north around the tourist triangle.

During my trip there were two outstanding tour guides: Moh Moh San and Tin Htun. Both of them were excellent and have assisted me in trying again to interview the Lady. Moh Moh especially pushed me not to give up in my effort to interview Aung San Suu Kyi. I have sent the request to her office. This is also a link to my webpage containing material regarding my request. Even though it is on my website, no one can access it unless this link is used.

While doing more research for essays about Myanmar that I write for my webpage and material for the college classes that I teach, I have become very interested in you and your position as President of Myanmar.

While I still wish to interview Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, I want to return to Myanmar and visit my friends that I met there. Moh Moh San has a young daughter who is about 12 years old now. Her name is Ti Ti. I see her as one of my grandchildren and miss her. In fact, she emails me and addresses me as Papa, which is English for grandfather.

Therefore, even though I have not heard from the Lady, I still wish to return to Myanmar. I teach online classes at a local university. Therefore, I can travel overseas anytime. Also, in early December to early January, the school has a vacation period. If you would be willing to sit down with me for an interview, I would truly appreciate it. All that I need is your willingness to give me an interview and a convenient time that you would suggest. I will be getting my new passport in a couple of weeks. I have gotten all my shots for traveling. My school knows my hopeful plans.

Thank you for your time, but please consider allowing me to interview you.


Al Campbell