Parallels Between the Spider Woman and Me

Ginger and I had one of our dinner and date nights. As has been our custom, we saw another Sherlock Holmes’ movie, The Spider Woman as we had dinner together.

The Spider Woman

Often, on our dinner and date nights, Ginger needs to process the storyline prior to discussing the movie with me. Sometimes, we won’t talk about the film until we are walking around the lake on which we live the next morning. However, this story, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, seemed to tweak her interest in discussing The Spider Woman.

“That was a really good movie about how a spider causes people to commit suicide in their pajamas. It was strange though about the wearing of pajamas during their suicides,” said Ginger.

I merely replied to Ginger that it was just an attempt to be funny by using the term, pajamas, since all the suicides weren’t committed while wearing them.

Ginger didn’t seem interested in my retort, because she was trying to understand why Sherlock Holmes faked a fainting spell. “Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were fishing in Scotland where you went to school years ago. They both were wearing business suites while fishing, which seems to me a strange dress code. Nonetheless, why didn’t Sherlock Holmes merely tell Dr. Watson that he was going to claim that he died due to fainting and falling into the river?”

My response was quite simple; Dr. Watson talked a great deal about everything. He might inadvertently disclose Sherlock Holmes’ fake death, which could result in his real death.

Sherlock Holmes impersonates an Indian military officer by the name of Rajni Singh.

Rajni Singh and the Spider Woman

Ginger accepted that explanation. She then wanted to talk about the Spider Woman, the femme fatale, in this movie. “The Spider Woman and you have something in common.”

I couldn’t imagine what that was and asked Ginger about which she was referencing. “The Spider Woman and you want to acquire a lot of money. Granted, she wanted the money for sinister reasons, and you want a half million dollars for good reasons. You aren’t going around with Lycosa Carnivora. Could you look up that spider on the Internet?”

Lycosa Carnivora

Ginger, after looking at this spider, added, “They supposedly can cause a great deal of pain to its victim, which will cause them to commit suicide. The Spider Woman claims that she will help people that have need of money by loaning them the amount provided they take out a life insurance policy with her name as the beneficiary. Then she has a Lycosa Carnivora let loose in the person’s home.

“You want to raise $500,000 for over a thousand laptops and for an improved Internet reception in Taunggyi, Myanmar where your grandchildren go to school. That dream drives you. You explained that in We Are Family on your webpage.”

I agreed that the Spider Woman and I both want money…loads of money. All that I want my readers to do after reading We Are Family is three things and none of which involved even one Lycosa Carnivora. I would like my readers to consider contributing to my fundraising drive, sending emails to their friends and have them send the link We Are Family to others, and to return with me to see how and where their money is being spent.

“Well, your two trips to Myanmar surely changed your life.”

All that I could think of to say to Ginger was that those two trips really did change me, Nonetheless, what is far more critical is how much all that money will change 1250 students in Taunggyi. Beyond that, it is in giving that we get. It is true for me, and it will be true for those that return with me. I have a radically different Weltanschauung and so will those that contribute to We Are Family.

“You have used that word before. What does Weltanschauung mean?”

I told Ginger that I was getting tired and that Weltanschauung is a German term, which means worldview. My three granddaughters and their parents did help me to see life from an entirely different perspective.

This is Sherlock Holmes in The Spider Woman.

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