A Tweet to God...
A Tweet from James Baldwin

Normally, I get up at 6:15am to take Ginger out to go potty. Then we wrestle on my office floor, prior to me getting breakfast for her. After playing around for 15-minutes, Ginger is fed, and she watches while I exercise for 45-minutes. By that time, the sun is up, and we go for a walk around the neighborhood where she hopes to see a couple of her canine friends. It is close to 9:00am before I begin my teaching online. However, grades were due. Therefore, I was in my home office around 5:00 to get at least a head start posting grades.

However, 6:15 came and Ginger was awake. I attempted to explain my time constraints to which she responded, "Let me go outside to take care of business and have you feed me. I'll wait for you to get up to speed grading your classes' midterms. Let me look at your laptop while you work grading the midterm on your desktop."

I thought that was fair and loving of Ginger.

While I wrote, Ginger surfed the Internet for more lamb's ears, and I graded midterms. A couple hours later, both Ginger and I took a break from sitting in front of computer monitors. Ginger's first comment was interesting, "I found a WikiLeaks posting about Trump being our 45th president of the United States. Apparently, Julian Assange and Putin are delighted that he is the new president. Perhaps, Assange thinks Donald the Dumb will pardon him for the WikiLeaks releases if he ever leaves the Embassy of Ecuador in London."


My retort was that Assange and Putin are the Donald's best friends. It is questionable that the Donald would be president if they weren't.

Ginger went on about some additional research that she discovered on the Internet. "The Donald tweeted to God that it better not rain on his inaugural parade. That is so like the Donald. Does he think that God and he are on the same level and best of friends?"


Donald the Dumb was warning God not to rain on his parade.

All that I added was that he thinks that he is above God.

Ginger wanted to go out to potty, but, when she came back in, she returned to my laptop. She was quiet for a moment, which is so unlike Ginger. Finally, she said, "This is interesting. James Baldwin tweeted the Donald regarding Donald the Dumb's tweet to God."

I was interested in what James Baldwin's tweet said. When I was in college, Baldwin was someone everyone read. I read his book, The Fire Next Time, while I was a sophomore or junior at Muskingum.

Ginger's response was to read Baldwin's tweet. "Yo, Donald, it didn't rain on your parade. However, don't forget what God said, 'God gave Noah the rainbow sign/No more water but fire next time.'"

I laughed and went back to work only to have Ginger mention, "You know that Donald the Dumb is always saying, 'I'm, like, a smart person.' Baldwin's book, The Fire Next Time, was published when he went to Wharton. I wonder whether he read the book."

My response was that he doesn't need security briefings nor does he need to read.

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