Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots

Recently, I discovered one of the benefits of growing old...beyond mere longevity. Age has forced me to think more intensely. In the past year, I have traveled to Scotland to research the Scottish independence movement and then traveled to Myanmar/Burma to study the human rights efforts in that country. I loved the trip to Scotland. It was nice to return to where I did post-graduate studies 45-years ago, however the trip to Myanmar changed my life. I am a different person than I was before spending a month in Myanmar.

When I returned to the States, I had a routine appointment with my cardiologist, Dr. Marchand. My heart issues are fine, but I asked him why I was so driven. He paused for a moment and then said, "You have seen the light."

In the past four months, I have spent a great deal of time writing about seeing the light and attempting to flesh out the next question. Why? Why have I seen the light? In the process, I have looked back on 7-decades of events in my life. Steve Jobs calls these events, dots. I have danced with death a couple times, in which I learned that I was finite. I have become more left of center than I was even back in the 60s during the civil rights movement. I think about the legacy that I will leave the world. I want to use my experiences in my life to help those who are younger to enjoy life. And the list goes on....

Then it dawned on me. That is precisely what Steve Jobs said was the reason for my seeing the light...I was connecting the dots. This is part of his commencement speech at Stanford.

You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something -- your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

Who I am today is based upon having the wondrous vantage point of connecting many dots over the years. The connecting of those dots as I look back reveals a wondrous revelation of seeing the light...a light like I never imagined as I was experiencing the dots. As the events or dots occur, that is not the time that one can see the meaning of the dots. Nevertheless, hindsight is.

The Evolution of Thanksgiving The Evolution of Thanksgiving A Long and Winding Road
A Future Thanksgiving A Future Thanksgiving Far, Far Away
Reaching Out to Others for Help Reaching Out to Others for Help It Is Giving that We Get
The Royal We The Royal We Revisited
Bananas Flambé for GiGi Bananas Flambé for GiGi An Extraordinary Woman
Legends Often Morph into Facts Let Me Get This Straight “If you go after me, I’m coming after you.”
Legends Often Morph into Facts On the Road Again Ginger, the Pooh Dog, and Me
Legends Often Morph into Facts If I Were Q I’d Tell the Whole Story of the Téméraire
Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night A Lesson Taught by Dylan Thomas
The Reason for Being The Reason for Being An Either/Or Situation
The Ripple Effect The Ripple Effect An Either/Or Issue
Ginger’s 7th Birthday Ginger’s 7th Birthday What’s Life All About, Alfie?
Sagan’s Golden Records Sagan’s Golden Records On the Horns of a Dilemma
Legends Often Morph into Facts Batter Up Next Batter
Flipper... Flipper... Let the Show Begin
Breath of Fresh Air Breath of Fresh Air From My Web Administrator
Me and My Echocardiogram Me and My Echocardiogram Beyond a Diagnosis
Dealing with the New Normal Dealing with the New Normal Again and Again
Lawrence of Arabia... Lawrence of Arabia... A Mentor of Mine
Let’s Do the Math Let’s Do the Math It is an Either/Or Choice
Kevin Needs Therapy Kevin Needs Therapy And a Newer Gaming Video
Legends Often Morph into Facts Ginger’s Check-Up Again, at Purdue Veterinary Hospital
Ti Ti, the Artist Ti Ti, the Artist The Georgia O’Keeffe of Myanmar
Casablanca... Casablanca... Then and Now
The Evolution of Humans The Evolution of Humans To the Present Day
Legends Often Morph into Facts Ancient Greeks and the Fear Factor The Truth about the Fear Factor
My Second Shot My Second Shot Or the First Insurrection
My World of Xanadu My World of Xanadu Another Personal Parallel Essay
Tyson’s Two Thoughts Ti Ti’s Surprising Email To Her Grandfather
Tyson’s Two Thoughts Tyson’s Two Thoughts Regarding AI and a Ticking Clock
Dealing with Artificial Intelligence Dealing with Artificial Intelligence Seems a Bit Premature
Creating My Alive Life Creating My Alive Life Gone Will Be the Days of Being Dead Tired
The Importance of Happenstance The Importance of Happenstance For Heavenly Clauses
Another Dance for Ginger Another Dance for Ginger Learn and Live in the Moment
Before Burning Books... Before Burning Books... We Need to Read Them
The Source of Trump’s Mug Shot The Source of Trump’s Mug Shot It’s Naissance was Wagner
Ginger's Gifts Ginger’s Gifts From Michelle
Michelle Michelle The Sculptor and Writer
Holding Hands with Neal Katyal Holding Hands with Neal Katyal What My Teacher Taught Me
Hollow Men Hollow Men Two Troubled Souls
Thomas and Trump Thomas and Trump The Teacher and Student
St. Francis Expanded My Learning St. Francis Expanded My Learning At Many Levels
Trump Won’t Like Judge Chutkan Trump Won’t Like Judge Chutkan It Isn’t Wise for Trump To Threaten Her.
Haunting Photos Haunting Photos Then and Now
Grasp This Truism Grasp This Truism From St. Francis and Buddha
            What I Learned In My Twilight Years Giotto Revisited
            The Parable of the Crow, Mouse, Gazelle, and Tortoise From the Fables of Kalīlah and Dimnah
Oppie and Me Oppie and Me The Similarities are Striking
Looking For a Mentor Looking for a Mentor? Try Jacques Portefaix or Marie-Jeane Valet
The Synchronicity of My Mentors The Synchronicity of My Mentors Bobby and Don Quixote
The Clown Car Drivers The Clown Car Drivers Are Driving Scared
Stonehenge and Manhattanhenge Stonhenge and Manhattanhenge What's it all about, Alfie?
The Tree in the Silo The Tree in the Silo A Metaphor of Me
Another Rogerian Pyschotherpay Session Another Rogerian Psychotherapy Session On Father's Day
What Some Old White Guy Thinks What Some Old White Guy Thinks And Juneteenth
Doublethink Doublethink What Trump Learned from Animal Farm and 1984
Damocles Then and Now Damocles Then and Now The Parallels are Striking
The Lady and Bobby Pick Mentors Carefully The Lady and Bobby
Be a Sherpa Be a Sherpa Whether or Not You are a Beekeeper or Nepalese
A Golden Opportunity A Golden Opportunity Explaining Ti Ti to her Class
A Suggestion of a Mentor A Suggestion of a Mentor A Sequel to Picking a Mentor Article
Picking Mentors Picking Mentors Choose Wisely
Run That Past Me Again Run That Past Me Again. It Doesn’t Make Sense.
Witch Hunts Witch Hunts Question: Who Is the Witch?
The Effects of the Sun’s Coronal Hole The Effects of the Sun’s Coronal Hole Be Prepared
Tucker’s Talk Tucker’s Talk Is Double-Talk
Rewriting the Past Rewriting the Past By Editing or Deleting It
Returning To the Past Returning To the Past: Example One
We Are All Greeks We Are All Greeks Shelley, Vangelis, and Hawking
Ginger and Poisoning Ginger and Poisoning A Sequel
Ginger and I Ginger and I Our Trip Down the Yellow Brick Road
So, Let Me Get This Straight...the Sequel So, Let Me Get This Straight...the Sequel What’s the Gospel Truth?
NASA Discovered Six Massive Galaxies NASA Discovered Six Massive Galaxies So What?
So Let Me Get This Straight So Let Me Get This Straight Let’s Wake Up
Music Explains Me Music Explains Me Music Drives Me
Happy Birthday Moh Moh Happy Birthday Moh Moh And Many More
First, It Was the Chinese Spy Balloon First, It Was the Chinese Spy Balloon This Time What Is It?
Jabbering Parrots Jabbering Parrots What We Can Learn from Churchill and Buffett
Inherit the Wind Inherit the Wind And You Will Be Gone with the Wind
Threading the Needle Threading the Needle To Address Racism
TV Commercials TV Commercials Five Pros and One Con
Learning from Lao Tzu Learning from Lao Tzu To Live Life Daringly
Learning from Two Astrophysicists Learning from Two Astrophysicists About this World
The Chinese Magic Dragon The Chinese Magic Dragon Went Puff
Fatty and Bo Bo Gyi Fatty and Bo Bo Gyi Addressing Our Nation’s Problems
Let’s Get Honest Let’s Get Honest About White Camelot
Education is a Double-Edged Sword Education is a Double-Edged Sword How To Address Learning
Aggressive Chimpanzees Aggressive Chimpanzees Outside of Africa
We are Good and Bad at the Same Time We are Good and Bad at the Same Time The Goodness Paradox
The Importance of Footprints The Importance of Footprints But the Question is When
The Evolution of Aldie The Evolution of Aldie According to a 21st Century Darwinian Theory
What’s It All About Alfie? What’s It All About Alfie? From an Eighty-Year Old Alfie
Where Did GADS Really Go To College? Where Did GADS Really Go To College? It Wasn’t Baruch College
My Quest for Eldorado My Quest for Eldorado In Three Parts
What Causes Stupidity? What Causes Stupidity? Lying or Lack of Knowledge
Than Than Myanmar’s van Gogh
Grasping Reality Grasping Reality I Can’t Explain It
Virgil, the Tour Guide into Hell Virgil, the Tour Guide into Hell The Divine Comedy 101
The Benefit of Pain The Benefit of Pain Take Advantage of It
What Drove My Father and Drives Me? What Drove My Father and Drives Me? Pain
The Value of Mentors The Value of Mentors It’s About How We Play Are Cards
It’s All About We It’s All About We An Important Lesson of Life
Be Careful Whom You Choose as a Mentor Be Careful Whom You Choose as a Mentor Hatanaka or Scrooge
Only This and Nothing More “Only This and Nothing More” Quote the Raven
I Wish that I Had Asked My Father I Wish that I Had Asked My Father About WWII
Repeating the Past...Part II Repeating the Past...Part II Tokyo Rose
Repeating the Past Repeating the Past It’s Just Fake News
I Could Hear the Silence I Could Hear the Silence While I Raged
Problems are Assets Problems are Assets Seize the Problems
The Reckoning Day The Reckoning Day Of the Invincibles
A Soccer and Hockey Game A Soccer and Hockey Game What’s the Take Away?
My Way My Way Morphing to My Mentoring
A Picture is Worth a Billion Words A Picture is Worth a Billion Words Or Pick Your Mentors Wisely
If You Are Looking for a Mentor... If You Are Looking for a Mentor... I Have a Suggestion
My Twilight Hauntings... My Twilight Hauntings... About Immortality
What World Are We Living In? What World Are We Living In? The Denier’s World
Knives My Quest to Understand Why? Why Everything
A Swan Song A Swan Song Then and Now
Finger Pointing Finger Pointing It’s Their Fault....
Conspiracy Theory Nonsense... Conspiracy Theory Nonsense... Except For One
The Chinese Used Knife Money The Chinese Used Knife Money But Why?
As Shelley Wrote, We Are All Greek As Shelley Wrote, “We Are All Greek” Some Don’t Get It
Camelot Revisited Camelot Revisited By Looking Again at the Past
A Message from Missoula A Message from Missoula And the Dangling Dog
Ginger is Now Six Ginger is Now Six As We Do the Dance
Transparency Revisited Transparency Revisited While Down on the Farm
Growing Up Without Transparency Growing Up Without Transparency And Finally Discovering It
Facing Storms of Life Facing Storms of Life Another Either/Or Situation
Trying Times Trying Times Testing Souls
Picking Mentors Will Change Your Life Picking Mentors It Will Change Your Life
A Bedside Story for Donald It Begins, “Once Upon a Time….”
Seeing Things More Clearly On My Yellow Brick Road
A King Cobra Pitted Against a Python A Teaching Moment
Narcissus of the Past And Narcissus of the Present
Hoosier’s Neighbor? The Ultimate Question
An Important Teaching Moment Joe and I Are Twins
I Was Under the Knife For Nearly Five Minutes
A Funny Thing Happened to Me in Surgery I Talked About What Rattles Me
“The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men… Often Go Awry.”
John Gotti Alias Teflon Don and Dapper Don
One of My Mantras Gals Pick Your Mentors Carefully
A Lesson About Life… Don’t Fear Death…
Happy Birthday Snow You Are 13
My Place in the Universe I Don’t Want to be Lost in Space
Learn from William Wallace and Gilgamesh As We Journey Down Our Yellow Brick Roads
Learning from the Japanese About What We Don’t Know
Another Mantra of Mine Be a Storyteller
Alan Turing Thinking Outside the Box
Bridge On/Over the River Kwai Then and Now
Doing the Dance on Steroids And Promises to Keep
Trouble in River City Come Hell or High Water
Lionel, Amazon’s Guardian Angel Fended Off UPS
Juneteenth A Day to Remember
Miah Is the 21st Century Eppie A Hand Is Put Into Theirs….
There is a Teapot in Orbit Around the Sun… It Was Mentioned in Ancient Texts
The Trinity of Evil Monkeys See as Monkeys Do
Teaching Justice Alito Latin, History, and Common Sense Past Decisions Aren’t Necessarily Correct
Which Memorial Day Should Be Observed? It Is an Either/Or Question.
Our Reason for Being Sweeping Down the Mightiest Walls
The Battle of the Alamo… Past, Present, and Future
I Love Teaching… Here in Myanmar or Anywhere
Where Are Simon and Garfunkel… When We Need Them?
Ti Ti, the Driven An Exceptional Young Lady
My Commencement Address... To the World
Grasping Reality While My Clock Is Ticking
A Backed-Up Sewer Created a Parable
We Are All Greeks Some To a Much Lesser Extent
Diversity Visas What’s That All About, Alfie?
Acclimating to the New World In Mt. Lebanon, Taunggyi, and Crown Point
The Oligarch Above All Oligarchs Czar Putin
I’m An American Oligarch…. Of Sorts
Building Castles in the Sky Pushing the Limits of Possibility
Heaven and Hell What’s It All About, Alfie
Ti Ti’s Yogi-ism “It’s Like Déjà Vu All Over Again.”
I Have Miles to Go Before I Sleep
When Choosing Mentors… Think
Seeing the Future At Least Three Times
My Family in Myanmar: A Sequel to What’s It All About
Where Do We Draw the Line in the Sand? It Depends
The Problem with Yes-Men Who Say Yes All the Time
Ginger and I What’s It All About and Why?
Children and War Ukraine and Myanmar
Ti Ti, the Teacher Of Her Classmates and Me
Two Views of the Ides of March One for Caesar and One for My Family
The Helter-Skelter Mindset1 Locally and Globally
Two Military Leaders Parker and Lee
A Tale of Two Leaders: Address Their Rivals
Unintended Consequences From Easter Island
If Everything Around You Seems Dark… Look Again. You May Be the Light.
Putin’s Legacy Gilgamesh’s Lesson
History Is Repetitious Then and Now
“The Life and Times of Al Capone…Then and Now.” I’ll Never Pass Up a Teaching Moment.
My Personality Quirks… I Have Several
My Latest Himalayan Salt Lamp A Parable for Today
The Tale of My Foot Years Ago and Today
More Parallels Between Myanmar and America Aung San and Bobby Kennedy
Parallels Between Myanmar and America Even Though They Are On the Other Side of the World
My Dream of Diversity In the Footsteps of Bobby
Diversity Is the Answer But What Is the Question?
Kiev Then and Now
When I Become a Billionaire… A Jaguar SUV Will Be in My Garage
Two Countries Living in One World
A Sequel to My Dreamland Journey… To the Brighter Side of Life
My Dreamland During My Operation
Coming to America A Dream of Many
Mary Tofts Then and Now
“Better To Reign in Hell… Than Serve in heaven.”
A Cancer, Too, Took Root But the Backstory Is More Important
Galileo Found Four Moons But the Backstory Is More Important
Beware of the Mongolian Death Worm In Both Mongolia and America
A Reason for Being… The Most Important Reason for My Being
Buffalo Soldiers Then and Now
Young Frankenstein And Her Treatment Plan
The Graduate… The Canine Version
A Sickness Too Took Root Everywhere
The Operation Was Successful But No Microchip Was Found
Free To Be Me… Somewhat
The Deep State Is Watching Me But Why?
There Is More To Life… Than Paddling Around and Accomplishing Nothing
Two Dreamers... Discuss the Way the World Should Be
Moh Moh’s Roles in Our Family: My Daughter and My Mother
I Love My Family With Some Caveats
Archimedes and the Syracusia It’s All About Dreaming
Waking Up… To Getting Old
“The Moving Finger Writes” Another Teaching Moment
It All Started with Roger Williams Which Needs To Be Revisited
I Never Miss a Teaching Moment But Who Benefits
Protests at School Boards Then and Now
My Extended Family You Can See Her Painting.
I’m the Reincarnation of Bo Bo Gyi According to Fatty
It Starts with Education… And Ends with Reform.
What is Critical Race Theory? Two Options
Ginger and the Mask and Shot Mandates A Canine Teaching Moment
From a Ripple to a Raging Current Based Upon Reciprocity
A New World Order The World from Campbell’s Perspective
Happy Birthday, Ginger I Wish You Many More with Your Blue Dolphin
A New Ripple And a Purposeful Life
Paying Homage… To Me
The Duality of Changing Times Change, and We Change
Having a Purposeful Life Another Sequel About Dreaming
Societal Dreaming Delayed but Not Dashed
Miss Independent Bo Bo Gyi’s Granddaughter
A Dream Delayed Or a Dream Dashed
We Need to Learn from History… Not Rewrite It.
My Takeaway From the Great Chicago Fire
What Ginger’s Dances Taught Me Despite My Dances
Ti Ti and Education Why Is Education Critical?
What’s All This About Women? The Times They Are A-Changin’ Ever So Slowly
I Successfully Survived an Electromyography At Least for the Time Being
Once Upon a Midnight Dreary…. “Ride, Boldly Ride”
Parallels with Ti Ti A Part of Which Are Genetic
Quoth the Raven My Medical Diagnosis
A Ngal Lay Sent Me Pictures and a Video About Our Time Together
Revisiting Gilgamesh A Teaching Moment
My Great-Granddaughter… A Ngal Lay
We Need to Learn from the Past Or We Will Repeat
When I Become President of the World… Things Are Going to Change
The Dual Negativisms… Of Racism and Sexism
The Pros and Cons… Of Replicating Our Parents
“I’m Doing the Dance” The Title of Ti Ti’s Poem
Snow’s Poem About Her New Normal
Realizing the New Normal What’s All About, Alfie?
What Once Was But Isn’t Now In Camelot
There Is a Message in the Mask Listen To the Medical Professionals or Get Sick
The Eternal Question The Harvest or the Seeds
What Can We Learn from Art? The Answer Is….
Trump Is Returning to the White House Today, August 13, 2021
Gandhi’s Tribute to Moh Moh For Her Indomitable Will
Learning from Dancing Starlings… A Great Learning Moment for Us
It Is Time To Write Poetry Another Teaching Event
It’s Like Déjà Vu All Over Again For Ginger and Me
Sir Gawain, the Knight Doing What a Knight Does
What To Do When Your World Is Out of Control What I Learned from My Family
Ginger Doing the Dance And An Important Takeaway
A Follow-Up to Snow’s Email Another Teaching Moment
We Are Cave Men But What Is Our Purpose in Life?
Happy Birthday, Snow Time To Remember
Disinformation Is Deadly So, Why Lie to America?
How To Achieve Being Venerated, Wise, and Great In Two Steps
A Ngal Lay My Great-Granddaughter
A Story of Three Statues Lee, Jackson, Trump
Poets Both Past and Present Amanda Gorman and Sarah Kay
Resurrection I’m Alive Along with My Computer, and Ginger
Patriots Past and Present in America On the 4th of July
I Created an Artistic Masterpiece… For Ginger
Write On Advice from PaPa Al, aka Grandpa
Scarface PaPa Al Isn’t My Nickname
If They See the Goblin… They Might Also See Planet X.
More Apologies Expressed To My Physicians
Let Me Ponder This for a Moment Wake Up, America
Trump In 3-D Dumb, Delusional, and Despicable
What the Oldest Stars Taught Me… About Life
One More Comment For Ti Ti As She Journeys Down Her Yellow Brick Road
The Little One, A Part of My Family
Than, a Great Artist The Art of Playing the Hand Dealt You
Set Set Yo And a Little Child
Ti Ti is Sweet Seventeen Happy Birthday
Memorial Day 2021 It Is in Giving that We Get
One Year Hence Reincarnation of Gawain and the Fox
Fake News or Real News I Can Imagine the Debate in Congress
McCarthy’s Talk Which Is Doublespeak
Rewriting History While You Were There
"History Is Written By Victors…" Sometimes
Bamboo vs. Papyrus Fake News vs. Truth
Reincarnation of Ra-Ra… Reincarnation of Ra-Ra…
Queen Elizabeth and King Donald Royal Indignity
Learn and Become a Storyteller All You Need To Do Is To Travel
The History of Myanmar… Is Being Written Now
Trinity of Guts Or Cult of Chickens
Three Take-Aways From Denzel Washington’s Commencement Address
The Haunting Question Which Sir Launfal Are You?
He Is My Brother On This Pale Blue Dot
Problems Offer a Choice Either a Cul-de-sac or a Challenge
A Religious Disconnect A Human Disconnect
A Funny Thing Happened While on Zoom My Fourth La Danse Macabre
Learning from Collecting Written by a Collector of Treasures
Are You Looking for a Mentor? This is My Advice
My Quest to Find Meaning Life My Search for My Holy Grail
As Kierkegaard Said It Is Either/Or
A Disadvantage of Being a WASPWe All Need to Learn
A Trilogy of Choices Either Rewriting History, Editing History, or Reliving History
Getting on the Same PageIn My Class and Our World
My Love of Teaching This Is An Example
I Told You SoPride Goeth Before Destruction
I Live in Two WorldsI Have Benefited from One World
Teaching Moments TodayAnd Teaching Moments for the Future
What Demosthenes, Bobby Kennedy, and Gilgamesh… Could Teach Mumbling Mitch
Getting My Second COVID Shot… And Immortality
A Tale of Two Countries And a Present-Day Theme and Variation of Life
What Makes Me Tick and Teach? No Pain, No Gain
We Live in Two Different WorldsChoose Wisely Your World
The Pandas and My PoohAnd Other Followers of Gilgamesh
Learning Is Three-Dimensional… But It Is Discovered On the Road
Stopping in the WoodsWhile Dreaming Dreams
Where’s the Proof?The New Me
Finding ImmortalityGilgamesh and Ti Ti
There are Facts…And There are Fake Facts.
The Gilgamesh EpicThen and Now
The Answer to the Question…What’s It All About, Alfie?
Purposeful LivesOn Steroids
Donald, It Was a Bridge Too FarAnd You Lost, Again.
Seeing Ourselves as Others See UsIn This Case, Ti Ti Seeing Herself
An Old White Guy Explains RacismAnother Teaching Moment
A Christmas Carol in 2020…It Is in Giving that We Get
Where Is a Martin Niemöller…When We Need an Honest Person?
When Opportunity KnocksCarpe Diem
Achilles’ HeelThen and Now
Your Meaning of Being…What Is It?
This Is a Teaching MomentAbout America
Hitler’s Bunker MentalityThen and Now
Bobby Burns’ Message…For Ti Ti
A Modafinil Moment…Revisited
Emails Past and PresentA Reflection Upon Our World
Modafinil and Lao TzuBenefit My Pooh Dog
Discerning the TruthA Means to Live Life
It Was Four Years AgoAnd What a Difference Four Years Makes
The Importance of the Sound of Music…According to Nietzsche and Me
On Deciphering the Truth…By Thinking
The Giving and GettingBoth Parties Benefit
Ti Ti Teaches a Myanmar MythTo Her Sister
Hear Ye, Hear Ye…Ti Ti Is Starting College Today!
Bunker Time A Prediction
Damned If He Does, and Damned If He Doesn’t. On Being on the Horns of a Dilemma
The Devil Made Me Do It. A Presidential Duet
Amazing Grace Or More of the Same Insanity
My Two Worlds…Affect My Life
Bad KarmaSticks to People
This is Success in the MakingYou Heard It First from PaPa Al
Jainism or the JusticeThe Place of Women in the World
This Is an AddendumTi Ti, the Bridge Builder
From Then to NowWhat a Difference Seven Years Has Made
Masks Matter…To Some
Two PoemsBy Two Ladies
A Present Day Parable for AmericaIt Is All About Sharing
I Live in Two Worlds:One in the States and One in Myanmar
Coming Home to RoostKierkegaard, Mt. Lebanon, Dancing, and My Family
There Is More to Dreaming…Than Just Dreaming
Focusing My Stream of ConsciousnessBy Watching a Movie
A Teaching MomentWhile Walking Ginger
Egoism vs AltruismThere is a Better Way
Ti TiMy Granddaughter and Poet Laurate
"Give Me a Place to Stand...And I Will Move the World.”
The Brighter Side of My LifeDue to a Serendipitous Moment
A Tribute to SnowMy Granddaughter in Myanmar
A Tribute to Ti Ti The Young Lady
I Dream Things That Never Were…And Say Way Not”
The Morphing Together of a Salt Lamp, Nero, and Cat StevensAn Insight for the Present Day
The Good, the Bad, and the UglyWe Can Do Better
Another of Santayana’s Teaching Moment Maybe We Will Learn This Time
The Long-Neck WomenA Tradition in Myanmar
Living in Two Worlds…Part 2The Utopian Time
Living in Two WorldsPart 1
Reflections on My Journey Down the Yellow Brick RoadOur Clocks Are Ticking
An Open-Letter to the WorldTimes They Are a-Changin'
Ti Ti’s Spin on My WeltanschauungAnd Mine on Hers
Living in the New NormalOur New World Order
It Is All About FamilyAnd Who Makes Up Our Family
Our Reason for BeingDiscover It
The Elephant RideOver the Alps of Myanmar
Thinking Outside the Box of COVID-19And How You Will Benefit
Ballooning Over BaganWith My Family
Ti Ti…The Amazing Young Lady
Taung Kwe PagodaAn Out of the World Location
Why I Love Inle LakeTwo Reasons
The Week That WasDance on with Determination
“I Could Stand in the Middle of Fifth Avenue….”You Are Standing on Main Streets in America and Shooting
The Brighter Side of LifeSomewhat Brighter
Plague DoctorThen and Now
Understanding Life as We Live ItSonata Pathétique
Another Miracle Drug…Maybe
Regarding Dancing with CoronavirusCampbell’s Five Commandments
Let’s Make a DealThanks to Modafinil
A Teaching MomentFor Today and the Future
We Face Two PandemicsBoth Need Immediate Attention
Think Before You ActThen Dare Greatly
Holy TerrorMy Nom De Guerre
“Let’s Get Going.”An Important Lesson of Life
(FLASH: The lost video sound is back)
How Playing Scrabble Changed My LifeWho Would Have Thought?
Mr. ChipsAn Updated Version
Angry Old MenThere is an Alternative
What Drives MeBack Then and Now
GingerPart 3 of a 4 Part Series
The Republican TrinitySessions, Bolton, and Roberts
The Teak BridgePart 2 of a 4 Parts Series
Reflections on My LifeIn My Twilight Years
A Present-Day ParableWhich Can Be Understood
My Home Looks Like the Uffizi GalleryPart 1 of 4 Parts
It Is All About the Song…In the Days of Auld Lang Syne
My Swan SongAnd My Family’s Swan Song
I Found Another Incarnation of Bo Bo GyiWhile on Inle Lake
I Found Another Incarnation of Bo Bo GyiWhile on Inle Lake
Theseus and Me A Ball of String or Modafinil
Icarus and Trump On Flying Too Low
Autotelic Vincent, Me, and Modafinil
Vaping vs Guns That is the Question
Perspective What You See Is What You Get.
The Reason for the Hole in the Mountain This Isn’t Fake News
Plagiarism Sharpie-Gate
I Get That Ibn Battuta Loved Travel… But Why?
What Fascinates Me About Ginger In Our Time Together
Modafinil— The Pill that Stopped My Meandering
Troll’s Tongue Or Troll’s Tail
My Yearning for Faraway Places… That I’ve Never Been or Will See Again
My Wonder Drug Modafinil
A Teaching Moment “Catch the Trade Winds in Your Sails”
Either/Or…Part 2 I Can Live with a Dent
Thoughts About Willie Nelson’s Song…. On the Road Again
Trump and White Supremacy The Torch Has Been Passed to a New Generation
Learning Important Lessons About Life… From a U-2 Pilot
My Next Adventure: The Die is Cast
Jack's 9th Birthday Gifts from Famous People
Owen’s 7th Birthday Gifts from Famous People
Ginger, King of the Mountain Taught Me a Lesson
Quisling Then and Now Repeating History
Ginger’s Vet My Shrink
The Dog Days of Summer Without Air Conditioning
And the Winner Is…. Who Will Get the Nobel Prize for Peace?
Leo Tolstoy What He Learned About Communication
Music as a Unifying Force Also for Oneself
My Family Escaped From the Jurassic Park in Myanmar
Family Who Is Your Family?
Pick Your Mentors But Be Careful About Who and Why
A Whiter Shade of Pale What’s It All About?
“Go Fly a Kite!” Franklin Did
Nietzsche and Ginger Übermensch or ÜberGinger
The Climate Change Debate Evolved from the Scopes Monkey Trial
Prometheus, Galileo, and Nietzsche Verses Zeus, God, and Nihilism
Carl Sagan The World Learned Much from Him
Wanderlust Travel with No Regret
The Moving Finger Writes And the Writings Haunt Me
Several Things That I Need in Life And That’s When I Need You
Hanging My Problem on My Lantern Jacob Soboroff
Hanging My Problem on My Lantern Contacting Clarence Page
Hanging My Problem on My Lantern Contacting Rod Stewart
Lord of the Dance From Three Perspectives
Scared! Seen as a Teaching Moment
Coffin Bridge… Build What You Need
Vocation of An Old Man… Being a Bridge Builder
I Will Rage, Rage… On Behalf of 1250 Students and One Celestial Comet
Three Songs Morphed Together Creating Meaning in Life
The Purpose of the Universe Or My Window on the World
Ti Ti… A Remarkable Young Lady
Dealing with the Reaper By Coming Alive and Living
Dreaming…. About My Moment in Time
Going Belly-Up Whales and People
One Moment in Time Carpe Diem
Before Trump’s America And After Trump’s America
NiC and Narcissus There Is a Better Alternative.
Inferiority Complex Womb Envy vs. Penis Envy
Tintern Abbey Viewed by Wordsworth and Turner
My Fistful of Meā Culpā… To Our President
I Made a Mistake… Imagine That
This Essay Is About Morphing Pelosi, Donald the Dumb, Pausch, Gandhi, and Me
Something to Dream About While Waiting for the IRS’s Approval
The Value of Pain Can Produce Ultimate Bliss
A Very Brief History of Sexism in Science It All Started with a Blinking Neutron Star
This Essay Addresses Alfie What’s It All About?
Two Despicables Who Saw the Light Colson and Cohen
Hauntings from Deep Space…. From the Tabby’s Star
Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse It Is a Good Sign for Me
The Wall Issue The True Value of a Wall
Pa Pa Al’s Grandfatherly Advice To Ti Ti Who Doesn’t Need It.
Looking at Life From Both Sides Now
A New Year’s Eve With a New Resolution for the Coming Year
Christmas Gifts for Owen From People Around the World
Christmas Gifts for Jack From People Around the World
Ginger, My Intelligent Dog… And Aerodynamics
Krampus, the Bad Santa… Is Coming to Get You
What Drives Me… My Himalayan Salt Lamps
It’s All About Family I Agree with John Lewis
Mini-Me and Dr. Evil… Then and Now
Reflections on The Magnificent Seven…
Captain Ahab and His Incarnation In Donald the Dumb
The Magnificent Seven… My Dream Team
Would You Like Some Vintage Wine? I Would!
What’s It Like Being a Neanderthal? Most of Us Have Some Neanderthal DNA
From Mud To Macadam
I Celebrate Two Thanksgiving Days… And This Is Why
"Look at Me I Am Old but I’m Happy"
Building a Log Cabin You Are Really Smart; I’ll Tell My Brother
On Land and Sea We Are All Greeks
Lack of Leadership In Turbulent Times
Serendipitous Moments in My Life And They Are Haunting Me
Happy Birthday to My Ginger Pooh Who is Two
Donald the Dumb Should Have Taken Art History
Keep Calm And Things Seem to Work Out
On Making Your Mark And Leaving It
The Relevance of Religion In the World
Sexism in Society Especially in Washington
Rhythm of My Heart Here and Abroad
“Holy Mackerel” Thus Spoke Ginger
Another Return to Casablanca To Understand the Present
Teaching Students And Learning as a Teacher
A Noble Person… Meets Another Noble Person
Hand of a Little Child… Ti Ti
Admiral McRaven and St. Francis Two Similar Minds
A Strange Third Dance.... Indeed.
Ginger Is the Love of My Life As Seen in Music That I Love
What Goes Around Comes Around…Again and Again
Deep State Bob Woodward and Me
Be a Dreamer.... And Never Quit Dreaming.
Snow, the Virtuoso Träumerei and The Great Gate of Kiev
It Is In Giving That We Get Being Like Bobby
The Ripple Effect… “…Can Sweep Down the Mightiest Walls.”
Eppie… Then and Now
The Weaker Sex Will Soon Be the Dominant Sex
If I fail, If I Fail… I Will While Daring Greatly
It Is a Matter of Either / Or… It Is a Matter of Either / Or… Lady Liberty or Donald the Dumb, Despicable, and Dishonest.
Possible Explanations of Death Possible Explanations of Death A Personal Apocalypse
Teach Your Children Well Lasko and Trump They are Coming To Get You….
Ti Ti, Snow, and Fatty Having Fun Without PaPa Al
holmes-washington thumbnail Clarity About Dancing Being Arthur Murray in the Real World
holmes-washington thumbnail The House of Fear And the Orange Pips
The Goddess Ganga The Goddess Ganga The Transcendence of Reality
Ti Ti And Family Ti Ti and Her Family My Assistants in Myanmar
who are your mentors Who Are Your Mentors? Here Are Mine
10 Years And Counting Ten Years and Counting What a Difference a Dance Makes
758 Horns Of Dilemma 758 Horns of a Dilemma The House of Cards
Forrester and Jamal Forrester and Jamal You and I
Projection Lock Him Up Projection Lock Him Up
Moh Moh Bobby And Me Moh Moh, Bobby, and Me…. All Dreamers
wrinkle in time A Wrinkle in Time Thinking Outside the Box
learning what you thought Learning When You Thought You Knew… All There Was to Know
dear papa al Dear PaPa Al..... Dear Ti Ti
federick_douglass thumbnail Frederick Douglass A Better Man Than I
bobbys-suggestion thumbnail Bobby’s Suggestion About My Problems… A School in Taunggyi, Myanmar
holmes-washington thumbnail Sherlock Holmes In Washington While We Drank Ginger Grog
easter-island thumbnail Easter Island In the Past and Future
follow-up thumbnail My Follow-Up… To My Email To Ti Ti
marner-me thumbnail Marner and Eppie Me and the Girls
lecture-harvard thumbnail I Want to Have My Last Lecture at Harvard On March 9, 2043
question thumbnail The Question Is… How Will You Be Remembered?
age-revolution  thumbnail An Age of Revolution If We But Know What To Do With It
heart-issues  thumbnail My Heart Issues Both Hearts
having-purpose  thumbnail Having a Purpose Carpe Diem
widow-mite  thumbnail The Widow’s Mite And the Rich Donald the Dumb
water-horse thumbnail The Water Horse of Loch Ness And Our Water Horses of Life
asking-questions thumbnail The Art of Asking Questions… About Which You Know the Answers
shopping-spree thumbnail A Shopping Spree With My Three Granddaughters
moh-tin-me thumbnail Moh Moh, Tin Tin, and Me We Are the Incarnations of Bobby
dressed-kill thumbnail Dressed to Kill Ginger and I Watched Another Sherlock Holmes Mystery
i-failed thumbnail I Failed For the Time Being
learned-highschool thumbnail What I Learned In High School Applies To This Moment In Time
lesson-dreaming thumbnail Lesson Learned About Dreaming I Learned from Bobby
family thumbnail We Are Family Versus Racism
bobby-runt thumbnail Bobby the Runt Turned into Bobby the Leader
moments-teaching thumbnail There Are Moments in Teaching... That Are Rewarding
best-week thumbnail The Best Week of My Life… Occurred While I Was in Burma
terror-night thumbnail Terror by Night The Third of our Date and Dinner
meaning-of-life thumbnail My Thoughts about the Meaning of Life My Perspective from My Twilight Years
gingers-world-2 thumbnail Ginger's World... Blends with My World
another-breakfast thumbnail Another Breakfast with My Shrink Dealing with Dreaming
America  thumbnail America As Bobby, Moh Moh, and the Jazz Singer See It
Scarlet Claw  thumbnail The Scarlet Claw A Date Night Movie
Dreaming Dreams  thumbnail Dreaming Dreams that Never Were... Asking Why Not.
Death Dance thumbnail Doing the Dance... Fathoming the Unfathomable
Blue Eyes thumbnail Blue Eyes Cryin’ in the Rain While Plowing
Ginger World thumbnail Ginger's World... Blends with My World
Confucius Said thumbnail Confucius Said... But We Haven’t Listened
Tick-Tock thumbnail Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock... Remember the Past or Repeat It.
Big Fib thumbnail The Big Fib: "I'm, like, a really smart person."
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address thumbnail Lincoln's Gettysburg Address... Then and Now
Edmund Fitzgerald thumbnail The Haunting of the Edmund Fitzgerald Doomed Before Setting Sail
Many Michelangelo thumbnail The Many Michelangelo Painters of the Cave The Renaissance of the Paleolithic Period
Tattoo of Pooh thumbnail The Tattoo of My Pooh and Me Ginger and Don Quixote
The Reason thumbnail The Reason Behind... Everything
Balfour thumbnail The Balfour Declaration One Explanation for the Mess in the Middle East
Welles Scares America thumbnail Another Fake News Item War of the Worlds
Fake News thumbnail Fake News... Of the Italian Renaissance
Live In The Moment  thumbnail Live in the Moment... Plan for the Future
Ashley and Michael  thumbnail What I Owe Ashley and Michael Wall Removal
Ginger Santayana thumbnail Ginger and Santayana Remember the Past
Lawrence of Arabia  thumbnail Lawrence of Arabia One of My Mentors
Ti Ti thumbnail Ti Ti A Reason for Being
Ginger and I thumbnail Ginger and I Promises To Keep and Miles To Go Before We Sleep
Ginger Longshanks  thumbnail Ginger AKA Longshanks
Mr. Lee thumbnail Mr. Lee and Mr. Rotteveel Two Stories: About When I Was Young and When I Am Old
Double Axe  thumbnail The Double-Axe A Symbol of My Identity
I'm On the Road Again thumbnail I’m On the Road Again But Why?
The Hollow Man thumbnail The Hollow Man Who Wears Long Ties
When Dreaming  thumbnail When Dreams Aren’t Realized What Should You Do?
The Issue of Kissing thumbnail Ginger And the Issue of Kissing
Minnows or Manhood  thumbnail Minnows or Manhood Or Scent of a Woman....
Akhenaten thumbnail Akhenaten... My Mentor
Get Educated  thumbnail Get Educated— Travel
Essay with No Words thumbnail Essay with No Words But Look At My Eyes
Better Angels thumbnail “Better Angels of Our Nature” In America, Mexico, and Burma
Clarence Page  thumbnail Clarence Page and Donald the Dumb— The President of Trump University
Draining the Swap  thumbnail Draining the Swamp... And Adding to the Swamp
To Attach or Not Attach  thumbnail To Attach or Not to Attach That Is the Question
Ti Ti Poem thumbnail Ti Ti and I A Most Haunting Relationship
Macbeth Hamlet  thumbnail Macbeth... Guilt Spills Itself for Fear of Being Spilt
Pentagon Paper thumbnail The Pentagon Papers... Then and Now
Unconditional Love  thumbnail Ginger And Her Unconditional Love
Indianapolis Atomic Bomb   thumbnail USS Indianapolis and Connecting the Dots Quint, Jack, and Owen
America First  thumbnail America First Has Been Replaced... With Me First
Just Another Lie thumbnail Just Another Lie Of the Liar-In-Chief
Trinity Oppenheimer thumbnail Oppie The Scientist and the Philosopher
Dump Me Off thumbnail Just Drop Me Off And Ginger’s Toy Dog
Rage Rage  thumbnail Rage, Rage... Against the Pissing Pug
Henry and Becket thumbnail Henry II and Thomas Becket Then and Now
Burma Road thumbnail What Did I Learn... From Vinegar Joe
Pledge Allegiance  thumbnail I Pledge Allegiance To Donald the Dumb
Impeachment thumbnail Impeachment of Trump And the Tower of Babel
Sexism in the World  thumbnail Sexism in the World Why?
Donald the Dumb's Dilemma thumbnail Donald the Dumb’s Dilemma Falling from Great Heights
Benefit of Failed Dreams  thumbnail The Benefit of Failed Dreams The Dalai Lama’s Oxymoron
Teaching Donald the Dumb  thumbnail Teaching Donald the Dumb There Is No Happiness Where There Is No Wisdom
The Ides of June thumbnail The Ides of June And Religious Ties
Grace Under Pressure thumbnail “Grace Under Pressure” The Way to be a Leader
First Witch Hung  thumbnail First and Last Witch Hunt... The Work of the Village Idiots
Unquenchable Drive thumbnail Learning, the Unquenchable Drive Travel and Learn
What Were You Doing thumbnail What Were You Doing on D-Day? Being What You Might Have Been
Breaking News thumbnail Breaking News from Ginger About Trump Colluding with the Russians and Putin
Global Warming  thumbnail HMS Terror, HMS Erebus, Global Warming… Or Nonsense from Those Godless Chinese Communists
Haunting of Hachi  thumbnail The Hauntings of Hachikō and Bobby… And the Haunting of My Gingers
Bridge Builders thumbnail Bridge Builder or Wall Builder A Clear Choice for Donald the Dumb
Ginger's Predecessors thumbnail Ginger’s Predecessors And My Domesticated Carnivore
Morphing Of My World thumbnail Class, Easter Ham, and Kayaking... The Morphing of My World
Three Blind Mice  thumbnail Three Blind Mice… And Bloody Mary
I'm Not Going Silently  thumbnail Do Not Going Gently Into That Good Night I Will Rage
Brexit vs Scoxit thumbnail Brexit vs Scoxit The Death Blow to the British Empire
To Become thumbnail To Become… What You Might Have Been
Getting It Together thumbnail Getting It Together… An Avenue to Acquiring Dreams
Ginger's World thumbnail Ginger’s World… Donald the Dumb’s Cave
Campbell's Cooking Class thumbnail Campbell’s Cooking Class Teaches More Than Cooking
The Meaning of Life thumbnail The Meaning of Life It Is All About Fighting the Good Fight for Others
Bowl of Cherries thumbnail Life Is a Bowl of Cherries Or the Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men
This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef thumbnail This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef... And Ginger Devoured the Little Piggy’s Ear
Elephant in the Room  thumbnail Elephant in the Room Trump's Mental State
the-amazing-process-called-learning thumbnail The Amazing Process Called Learning Thinking Outside the Box
Pride Before Fall thumbnail Pride Before Fall Learnings from History
Chick Magnet  thumbnail Chick Magnet And the Hauntings
Approval Ratings  thumbnail Approval Ratings For Someone Who is Insecure
The Hauntings thumbnail The Hauntings About Bobby and the Gingers
Emperor's Clothes thumbnail Emperor's Clothes The Donald Isn't Invisible
A Tweet to God... thumbnail A Tweet to God... A Tweet from James Baldwin
Crowd Size thumbnail Crowd Size Size Isn't Critical, But the Truth Is
On Riding to Samara thumbnail On Riding to Samara Then and Now....
Invictus thumbnail Invictus Thank You, Mrs. Davis
A Dog's Purpose thumbnail A Dog's Purpose The Person's Purpose
What Donald the Dumb is Missing in Life?  thumbnail What Donald the Dumb is Missing in Life? Eppie
P.T. Barnum Has Returned to Life  thumbnail P.T. Barnum Has Returned to Life What Goes Around, Comes Around
Robert the Bruce  thumbnail Robert the Bruce I'll Drink to Him!
Thus Spoke Dr. Marchand...  thumbnail Thus Spoke Dr. Marchand... And Ginger
Ginger, Socks, and Poe thumbnail Ginger, Socks, and Poe Finding Lenore....
Narcissus and the Donald thumbnail Narcissus and the Donald "I Love Me...."
Adams and Jefferson  thumbnail Adams and Jefferson An Ethical Battle
Lambs Eat Ivy thumbnail Lambs Eat Ivy And Ginger Eats Lamb Ears
Icarus and the Donald thumbnail Icarus and the Donald Warning About Flying Too High
The Meaning of Ginger thumbnail The Meaning of Ginger The Winter Solstice
Winfield Scott thumbnail Winfield Scott And Where I Live
How Will I Live to My 100th Birthday?  thumbnail How Will I Live to My 100th Birthday? Answer: Ikigai
The Value of Travel:  thumbnail The Value of Travel: Education
We Don't Have a Democracy...  thumbnail We Don't Have a Democracy... Yet Either
A Lesson of Life thumbnail A Lesson of Life Learned from a Cockroach
Ginger, the Dances, and the Lady  thumbnail Ginger, the Dances, and the Lady It Is All About Determination
Step Beyond the Impossible Wall thumbnail Step Beyond the Impossible Wall Learning from the Mongols
The Great Value of the Philosophers' Stone...  thumbnail The Great Value of the Philosophers' Stone... To Me
Accomplishing Things in Life...  thumbnail Accomplishing Things in Life... Even Long Shots
Teach Your Children, Part 2 thumbnail Teach Your Children, Part 2 But When?
Mentor Tell You Something About You  thumbnail Mentor Tell You Something About You The Value of Post-it Notes
Only Those Who Dare to Fail... thumbnail Only Those Who Dare to Fail... Can Achieve
Deplorable...  thumbnail Deplorable... Defining the Definition
Chimps or Bonobos thumbnail Chimps or Bonobos From Whence Did You Evolve?
Roll Me Up thumbnail Roll Me Up I Am Free to be Me at 73
The Lady, Bobby, and Bagan  thumbnail The Lady, Bobby, and Bagan Triangulation Process
Teach Your Children... thumbnail Teach Your Children... To Dream
Moby Dick Found thumbnail Moby Dick Found But Not in a Book
Resurrecting Dashed Dreams thumbnail Resurrecting Dashed Dreams By Continuing to Dream
Himmler and His Quest for the Holy Grail thumbnail Himmler and His Quest for the Holy Grail Remember the Past
I Challenge the Trim Trump  thumbnail I Challenge the Trim Trump To Test His Stamina Against Mine
The Fighting Téméraire thumbnail The Fighting Téméraire Explained My Nostalgia to Me
Why Do I Care? thumbnail Why Do I Care? More to the Point, Why Doesn't Everyone Care?
The Meltdown of the Donald thumbnail The Meltdown of the Donald As America Watches
Moh Moh Spoke thumbnail Moh Moh Spoke And She Sounded Like Don Quixote
 thumbnail Return to Myanmar Dream Big
Trying and Failing... thumbnail Trying and Failing... Is Better than Failing without Trying
Listening to My Mentors thumbnail Listening to My Mentors And Dreaming Impossible Dreams
The Terrorism Trifecta thumbnail The Terrorism Trifecta Three More Dances with Death
Bobby Kennedy thumbnail Bobby Kennedy Still Reaches Out to Us.
The Queen's Haunting... thumbnail The Queen's Haunting... Bohemian Rhapsody
My Love Letters thumbnail My Love Letters They Must Be Written
We Shall Overcome thumbnail We Shall Overcome A Belief Amid Darkness
Prediction of Clinton's Running Mate  thumbnail Prediction of Clinton's Running Mate And Her Running Mate Is....
Last Words thumbnail Last Words Or Don Quixote's Joists with Windmills
Bloody Hands and No Backbone thumbnail Bloody Hands and No Backbone What a Legacy
My Sherpa Statue Spoke thumbnail My Sherpa Statue Spoke A Valuable Time Spent Listening
The 5-Things Test thumbnail The 5-Things Test Seeing Yourself as Others See You
The Angel Spoke... thumbnail The Angel Spoke... And I Listened.
The Thinkers Three thumbnail The Thinkers Three Jack, Owen, and Me
The Donald thumbnail The Donald The Relationship Between Ignorance and Knowledge
Mr. Turner thumbnail Mr. Turner The Dualism of Feelings
Morphing of the Flu with Polio thumbnail Morphing of the Flu with Polio A Strange Juxtaposition
I am Don Quixote thumbnail I am Don Quixote But I Am Not from La Mancha
 thumbnail Maude Adams Found Somewhere in Time
In My Life thumbnail In My Life I'll Never Lose Affection for People and Things
Don Quixote and Albert Einstein thumbnail Don Quixote and Albert Einstein The Two Dreamers
Learning from My Mentor thumbnail Learning from My Mentor A Knight-Errant On His Deathbed
On Seeing the Light thumbnail On Seeing the Light Chuck, Paul, and Me
Two Roads in the Wood thumbnail Two Roads in the Wood Choose Wisely
Grave or No Grave thumbnail Grave or No Grave That is the Question
Best of Times, Worst of Times thumbnail Best of Times, Worst of Times It Is Your Choice; Choose Wisely
Buddha's Strange Parable... thumbnail Buddha's Strange Parable... Which We Need to Understand
The Value of Dreaming thumbnail The Value of Dreaming About My List of Dulcineas
Another Dancer thumbnail Another Dancer David Hume
Revitalizing My Brain thumbnail Revitalizing My Brain After Winding Up in ICU
"I'm Dying, and I'm Having Fun." Randy Pausch is Correct
The Little Match Girl thumbnail The Little Match Girl And The Golden Statue
The Very Strange Year of 2008 thumbnail The Very Strange Year of 2008 A Year to Remember
The Gift of an Angel thumbnail The Gift of an Angel It is More About My Feelings
Pathatique thumbnail Pathétique Moving Music
Doing the Dance Again thumbnail Doing the Dance Again How to Address Both New Dances
I Decided to Support the Emperor Donald thumbnail I Decided to Support the Emperor Donald Starting with His Red Tie
 I Know Who I Am... thumbnail I Know Who I Am... And Have Found Two People Who Understand Me
Take Your Passion and Make It Happen thumbnail Take Your Passion and Make It Happen Flashdance Follow-up
Responses to Paris thumbnail Responses to Paris Both Are Vital
What a Feeling thumbnail What a Feeling And It Is a Great Feeling
Want to See What I'm Wearing for Halloween? thumbnail Want to See What I'm Wearing for Halloween? A Profound Question
The Campbell Cookie Jar thumbnail The Campbell Cookie Jar The Tie In Between the Past and the Present
Doubling Down... thumbnail Doubling Down... To Make Dreams Come True
The Old Pine Table thumbnail The Old Pine Table An Object of Renewal and Rebirth
It's Confession Time... thumbnail It's Confession Time... And It Isn't Sunday
The Mahogany Bench thumbnail The Mahogany Bench A Place for Dreaming....
The Little Wooden Box thumbnail The Little Wooden Box An Updated Pandora's Box
A Great Dancer with Death thumbnail A Great Dancer with Death A Sobering Experience
Putting the Pieces Together thumbnail Putting the Pieces Together The Joy of Coming of Age
The Tulip Pitcher thumbnail The Tulip Pitcher A Picture of Springtime
Songs Can Make the World Go Around... thumbnail Songs Can Make the World Go Around... Peacefully.
The Felt Picture thumbnail The Felt Picture A Picture of Hopefulness
A Second Look at Life thumbnail A Second Look at Life Toward the End of Life
The Japanese Surrendered... thumbnail The Japanese Surrendered... But Why?
From Whence Does the Spark Come? thumbnail From Whence Does the Spark Come? The Creative Act of Pondering
The Value of Pain thumbnail The Value of Pain Or How to Retrieve the Torpedo
Discovery of Terracotta Warriors thumbnail Discovery of Terracotta Warriors... And Nessie
A Man with a Mission... thumbnail A Man with a Mission... Sinking a German U-boat
Intelligent Life on Other Planets thumbnail Intelligent Life on Other Planets Is there anyone there; does anyone care out there?
Riders on the Streetcar Named Desire: thumbnail Riders on the Streetcar Named Desire: Elizabeth and Rosa
The Pied Piper of Hamelin thumbnail The Pied Piper of Hamelin A Strange Tale
What Matisse Taught Me Years Ago, thumbnail What Matisse Taught Me Years Ago, Which I Finally Fully Understand
Alan Seeger thumbnail Alan Seeger And His Dance with Death
What I Learned About Life... thumbnail What I Learned About Life... From Facing Down the Dragon
Wading Through the Water of Life thumbnail Wading Through the Water of Life Advice by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Career Opportunity... thumbnail Career Opportunity... Being a Gladiator
The Benefit of Problems thumbnail The Benefit of Problems Or the Only Means to Success
Cancer and Crabs thumbnail Cancer and Crabs Strange History that They Both Share
Milky Way and Andromeda's Dance with Death thumbnail Milky Way and Andromeda's Dance with Death Parallels Our Dances with Death
Slaughterhouse-Five thumbnail Slaughterhouse-Five Vonnegut's Dance with Death
 thumbnail Dancing with Death Allows You to Live
It Has Been Seven Years Since I Fell... thumbnail It Has Been Seven Years Since I Fell... And Cracked My Head
The Puzzle of Life Solved By... thumbnail The Puzzle of Life Solved By... Jack and Owen
Steve Jobs and Charles Dickens thumbnail Steve Jobs and Charles Dickens How to Avoid the Ghosts
It is a Choice between Excitement and Desperation. thumbnail It is a Choice between Excitement and Desperation. Choose Wisely
Nepal Then thumbnail Nepal Then And Now
We Get Old Too Soon... thumbnail "We Get Old Too Soon... And Wise Too Late"
Booth Died 150 Years Ago Today thumbnail Booth Died 150 Years Ago Today How Has America Changed?
Fertilizing Daffodils thumbnail Fertilizing Daffodils But in the Meantime....
How Do We Learn? thumbnail How Do We Learn? The Lessons in Learning
Two Crazy Captains Chasing Moby Dick thumbnail Two Crazy Captains Chasing Moby Dick Then and Now
Ode to Joy thumbnail Ode to Joy In the Midst of Pain
Lead Death as You Dance with Death thumbnail Lead Death as You Dance with Death It Will Change Your Life
Reliving Many Bloody Sundays thumbnail Reliving Many Bloody Sundays Rebirth of the Civil Rights Movement
All Mankind is Divided Into Three Classes... thumbnail "All Mankind is Divided Into Three Classes..." Some Aren't Buried Until They Are Seventy-five
Obama's Golden Opportunity thumbnail Obama's Golden Opportunity On Leaving a Legacy
Suffering Yields Success thumbnail Suffering Yields Success Worrying Yields Warts
Every child is an artist. thumbnail "Every Child is an Artist." The Question is What Remains in Adulthood?
Ozone to Ferguson thumbnail Ozone to Ferguson A Journey That Never Seems To End
It Was the Best of Times thumbnail It Was the Best of Times It Was the Worst of Times....
A Hand Is Put Into Theirs... thumbnail A Hand Is Put Into Theirs... And the Hand May Be a Little Child's
Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream thumbnail Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream The Disconnect Between Dreaming and Reality
What Einstein Taught Me About Riding a Bike thumbnail What Einstein Taught Me About Riding a Bike ...Keep Moving
Joe Hill Died November 19, 1915 thumbnail Joe Hill Died November 19, 1915 "I Never Died," Says He.
Death is the Best Invention of Life thumbnail Death is the Best Invention of Life Breathing Is Not Living
From Witches to Marrying Monkeys thumbnail From Witches to Marrying Monkeys Conservatives Have an Answer
To Thine Own Self Be True thumbnail To Thine Own Self Be True... An Ethical First Step
A Lesson of Life from Alexander the Great thumbnail A Lesson of Life from Alexander the Great "Each moment free from fear makes a man immortal."
My Dots in Life Get Connected thumbnail My Dots in Life Get Connected With the Singing of Pete Seeger
Nothing is Secure thumbnail Nothing is Secure Which is a Great Blessing
Christopher Robin is Correct... thumbnail Christopher Robin is Correct... However, You Must Believe It Before It Is.
Wolverton Mountain thumbnail Wolverton Mountain The Place Where Dreams Occur
Pushing Oneself... thumbnail Pushing Oneself... What I Learned from T. S. Eliot
Articles as a Living Legacy... thumbnail Articles as a Living Legacy... Why I Write
Darkest Before Dawn thumbnail Darkest Before Dawn A Logical Disconnect that Is True
Come Alive... thumbnail Come Alive... Before You Die.
Orwell and Scottish Independence thumbnail Orwell and Scottish Independence Or Smell the Heather and Vote for Independence
Burma-Shave... thumbnail Burma-Shave... And Seeing the Light
The Chilling Reality of Global Warming thumbnail The Chilling Reality of Global Warming Where Does Lying Get Politicians and the Rest of Us?
Connecting the Dots... thumbnail Connecting the Dots... For Scottish Independence
Moravec Evolution thumbnail Moravec Evolution or the 21st Century Scopes Trial
Old Men Should Plant Trees... thumbnail Old Men Should Plant Trees... And They Should Be Planted Now.
Connecting the Dots With Jack and Owen thumbnail Connecting the Dots With Jack and Owen Teaching Them To Be Steve Jobs-esque
Changing the World... thumbnail Changing the World... The Story of My Struggle
Jack and Owen thumbnail Jack and Owen Novice 21st Century Johnny Appleseeds
Leaving a Legacy... thumbnail Leaving a Legacy... A Concern of a 71-Year Old.
Orwell and Kipling and the Battle of Burma thumbnail Orwell and Kipling and the Battle of Burma Or Why I Care
Learning to Play Chess from a Master thumbnail Learning to Play Chess from a Master What Jack and Owen Will Learn from Me.
Faulkner's Lesson of Life... thumbnail Faulkner's Lesson of Life... Even When the Last Ding-dong of Doom has Clanged.
Connecting the Dots... thumbnail Connecting the Dots... On Your Way to Eldorado