Another Dinner and Date with Ginger
On Election Night

To be honest with you, I have had a long list of pressing issues to resolve. They range from filing a 501c3 with the IRS so that I can start fund raising for We Are Family in Myanmar, Inc. I have lined up all my ducks. I’m incorporated as a not for profit charity with the state and have filed my 501c3 with the IRS. Now, all that I have to do is to patiently wait for the federal government to accept all my paperwork. However, it will take time.

I have gotten my CPAP functioning with new head gear to help resolve my sleep apnea. My other head gear concerned Ginger when she and I finally went to bed. She thought it looked odd. Nevertheless, I still need to go back to my sleep doctor due to still being tired.

Ginger has finally healed from some fall allergy issue, which caused her to lick her hair off of nearly a dozen places on her body and caused several to bleed. One of her allergic reaction sites must have really irritated her so much that she actually licked her skin away from one area. I could see her muscle on her front leg where she licked away her skin.

There are other lesser concerns, but they took time. In the past month or so, time wasn’t a commodity about which I had much. Nonetheless, it was election night. We had dinner together and watched another Sherlock Holmes movie, The Voice of Terror. Then we could sit and watch the results come in. As the results slowly came in, we talked about the movie and the votes.

I felt like I needed to give Ginger and myself something extra for dinner. I made myself one of my spécialités, which consisted of shrimp teriyaki. Ginger had dog food with a tuna topper for her dinner. We also enjoyed blackberry Merlot on ice. For dessert, Ginger munched on several baby carrots, and I enjoyed Danish Havarti and crackers.

Before I had the opportunity to ask Ginger about the movie, she started the conversation. “Well, I liked this Sherlock Holmes’ movies a lot. It is interesting to my canine mind that Arthur Conan Doyle’s character, Sherlock Holmes, fit Doyle’s time of writing about Holmes, which was in the late 19th century to the early 20th century, the WWII time period, and our present day. His writing has a universality to it no matter the historical setting.”

Ginger paused for a moment as if waiting for me to respond a bit more than I agreed. Since I didn’t add much to the discussion, she continued, “My comment about the universality issue of Doyle’s writing is interesting. It is not something that looks dated. In fact, the movie begins with my point about Doyle written on the screen just before the movie began.

“The movie was set in England during WWII. The Nazis were getting ready to invade, but they had spies already in England. R. F. Meade was the leader of the spies. It actually was a large group of Nazi sympathizers that were creating chaos in England. It was interesting the way the voice of terror would announce to the British that something would happen soon. The voice of terror was to divide the British and make them feel they couldn’t survive without joining the Nazi authoritarianism form of government.”

Again, Irish Setters are one of the more intelligent dogs in the world, and I agreed with Ginger regarding Meade and his local Nazi supporters. However, Ginger was into the movie’s storyline.

“Can you turn on MSNBC so that we can watch the returns come in?”

Having done as Ginger wished, we both sat on the sofa together to watch the election results begin to come in. When we started to watch, only a few states closed their polls, which gave us time to discuss our favorites. However, it didn’t take long to see that the House was flipped into the control of the democrats and that the Senate remained in control of the republicans.

Ginger, as she reflected upon Donald the Dumb, began seeing parallels between The Voice of Terror and the present-day. “It seems to me that Trump is like the voice of terror. He is verbalizing fears of being invaded by Central American asylum seekers most of whom are mothers with children. He is sure that there are ISIS terrorists among them.”

I merely interrupted Ginger’s rant about our fake president that I didn’t vote for him.

“He doesn’t like the asylum seekers, Mexicans, Muslims, blacks, and generally any one that isn’t like him or looks like Norwegians. He is talking about having the army shooting anyone of the asylum seekers that threw rocks at the military. I can visualize that…mothers and children throwing rocks at our army. Mexicans are criminals and rapists. Muslims are terrorists, and blacks have low IQs. Can you name anything positive that Trump says other than he is smart and as great as Lincoln?”

Again, what could I add to Ginger’s comment.

Finally, Ginger wrapped up our dinner and date night as we watched results coming in about the democrats will control the Congress with a closing comment about America that she took from The Voice of Terror.

“Well, remember that when we get up tomorrow morning what Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson said at the end of The Voice of Terror.

Watson: It's a lovely morning, Holmes.

Holmes: There's an east wind coming, Watson.

Watson: I don't think so. Looks like another warm day.

Holmes: Good old Watson. The one fixed point in a changing age. There's an east wind coming all the same. Such a wind as never blew on England yet. It will be cold and bitter, Watson, and a good many of us may wither before its blast. But it's God's own wind none the less. And a greener, better, stronger land will lie in the sunshine when the storm is cleared.

This is the video of The Voice of Terror.