Draining the Swamp...
And Adding to the Swamp

Recently, I watched Morning Joe on MSNBC. They were discussing problems that Mika was having with some people in the Trump administration. This is a part of the discussion.

As stupid as this incident is, Mika and Joe will be able to handle this controversy. However, the larger picture relates to those who started out as supporters of Donald the Dumb. I get that you are wired and wanted to drain the swamp in Washington, DC, etc. Hey, in the 60s, I wanted to drain the racist bigots in Washington and America. I was excited about needed change along with millions of others throughout our country. Trust me. For some white college kid, I fought for issues related to civil rights. I risked my life in Ozone, TN. So, I hear you, but you aren’t listening and/or you aren’t thinking.

The swamp-drainer you voted for came to Washington to clean up the mess. In the process, if the swamp was filled prior to Donald the Dumb, look at it now. Other than adding to the swamp, what has Donald the Dumb done over a half year of his administration? Answer: nothing of substance.

Donald the Dumb has added to the swamp.

Now, Donald the Dumb promised a treasure trove of changes if he won the election. He was going to sue a dozen women who accused him of sexual misconduct. He then was going to jail Hilary Clinton. In addition, he was going to build a wall along our southern border with Mexico. He was going to ban all Muslims from America...even American Muslims who were returning after traveling overseas.

Donald the Dumb promised to do even more after he accomplished those items. He was going to rebuild our country’s infrastructure like roads, bridges, and buildings. While spending money on public service projects, Donald the Dumb would address tax reform by cutting taxes. However, the cardinal issue was to repeal Obamacare. He could do what Republicans hadn’t done for nearly eight years. This he could do with less cost and include more Americans. Then he was going to push the idea “Buy American and hire American.” I assume that our fake president will do as he has suggested with items that some of his companies produced in Mexico and China.


Back in the 60s, we fought for civil rights, followed by the anti-war movement, and women’s rights. Then other issues like gay rights and healthcare reform followed. Therefore, I can grasp the notion of rebelling against the status quo. I was involved at the beginning of my adult life and can understand another generation’s drive when someone captures their imagination. I get it.

Now, if draining the swamp involves racism, sexism, xenophobia, building walls, and banning group, they aren’t legitimate causes unless you are marching to the dumb drum beat of Donald the Dumb. In the past half century, there have been other dumb drummers like George Wallace, Bull Connors, Jesse Helms, Lester Maddox, and David Duke.

Nevertheless, I am sure that Donald the Dumb will either be impeached or resign during his term. I would love to see Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s file on Donald the Dumb at the present time. However, I hope that Donald the Dumb doesn’t start a war in the meantime.

While I am confident that Donald the Dumb will be forced to leave the office of the presidency, the remaining issue is addressing Donald the Dumb’s supporters. If you wish to drain the swamp, it won’t be done by being in line with our fake president. He isn’t addressing social movements. He adding to the swamp with overt racism, xenophobia, sexism, etc.

Trump’s swamp

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