I Successfully Survived an Electromyography
At Least for the Time Being

This is the second article this week that is a sequel to an article from last week. In that essay, I wrote about finding a possible microscopic tracer chip in my heel. I contend that someone in the deep state, like Bill Gates, has put a chip in one of the two COVID-19 vaccine shots.

Deep State

As a result, I went to my podiatrist due to what I thought was plantar fasciitis. My podiatrist also felt that my diagnosis was correct but had me get an MRI to make sure. The MRI was sent to him, and I got a CD of it. Before my next appointment to talk about the MRI results, I spent some time looking at a half dozen videos of the MRI. This photo is a photo from one of the videos, and I believe that I found the chip.

I didn’t mention my medical observation to my podiatrist. In part, I don’t recall which medical school I attended. Whichever it was, it was years and years ago, and I don’t recall much of my medical studies.

However, my podiatrist read the MRI results, which confirmed that I had plantar fasciitis. While I may have plantar fasciitis, I am more concerned about finding the chip. My podiatrist said that the person who read my MRI also found that I had tarsal tunnel syndrome, which meant I had to get an electromyography (EMG) to determine which nerve was affected in the tarsal tunnel of my left foot. The reader of my MRI and my podiatrist confirmed that I have plantar fasciitis, but the tarsal tunnel problem was causing me far more pain than plantar fasciitis.

Both medical issues are in the same general area of the heel. Therefore, there was no way to determine which nerve was causing the pain without an EMG. After the EMG, I got the results. Since I don’t recall studying electromyography while in medical school, I spent a great deal of time mulling over the test results. The neurologist who did the EMG apparently tested both legs to compare the problematic left leg with the other leg.

The following twelve charts contain the comparisons between the left heel tarsal tunnel and my right tarsal tunnel. It seemed that the first nine graphs indicated that there wasn’t anything abnormal.

However, graph #10 indicated that something was really wrong. My medical diagnosis is that the EMG found not an inflamed nerve but rather the tracking microchip that I received in either of my two COVID-19 shots. Bill Gates and others in the deep state are conspiring to track everyone and have injected a microchip into millions of Americans by means of COVID-19 vaccines.

In a couple of weeks, my podiatrist will cut the plantar fascia, which is the tissue band, that connects the toes to the heel. Then he will cut the nerve in the tarsal tunnel. I think that he will discover a microchip used to trace my whereabouts.

“This is like 1984.”