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Donald the Dumb’s Cave

Ginger and I walk around the lake on which I live nearly every day. My cardiologist insists upon daily exercise, and Ginger demands it. If she has said this once, she has mentioned this dozens of times, “I come from a long lineage of hunting dogs. The exercise is good for my heart, but, at the far end of the lake, you let me run without being on a leash. It is exciting and fun.”

However, this day, Ginger ran for a while and then just wanted to sit and talk. I asked her why she didn’t run since it was a beautiful spring day. Ginger’s retort was, “Donald the Dumb drives me crazy. He lies, he changes his mind in a nanosecond, he praises people, and, then, he dumps on them. He does have psych issues.”

In a failed attempt to make light of Donald the Dumb, I made some passing comment that I agreed with his observation about fake news. Ginger looked at me with an expression on her face that said that my quip wasn’t at all funny.

Then Ginger went off on talking about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. “I wonder whether Donald the Dumb ever read Allegory of the Cave by Plato. Plato’s allegory was about how we know the truth. Essentially, he raised an epistemological question.”

I merely smiled at Ginger’s intelligence level. Before I could praise her knowledge base, she continued, “The Donald and some of his supporters are sitting in a cave facing a blank wall, which they think is reality. However, they are merely watching shadows that are being caste on the blank wall.”

“Hey, see the guy and the horse?”

To avoid rattling Ginger any more than I had, I merely added that their perception of reality is different than the real world.

Ginger’s rejoinder was quick to come. “Donald the Dumb sees the fake reality on the blank wall and calls the shadows real. He is the fake. He sees moving shadows and concludes that the shadows are real, and the real world is the fake world. I love walking and talking with you about all sorts of things. However, I also love running free and seeing the world in which I live.”

President Donald the Dumb

“Donald the Dumb is locked up in his own cave. However, his supporters need to realize what he sees are mere delusions of reality. They need to get up and leave Donald the Dumb’s cave. The real world awaits them. They will be surprised at the real world.”

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