I Challenge the Trim Trump
To Test His Stamina Against Mine

I will begin this essay regarding challenging the Donald by being perfectly honest.  The Donald doesn't like to be challenged.  Nonetheless, the Donald has to put up or shut up when he deals with a 21st century Don Quixote.  The Donald can spout off things like he knows more than the generals regarding ISIS or the entire birther issue.  The Donald can say it, but he is wrong.

The Donald raised questions about Hillary Clinton's stamina and her mental and physical health.  

While I am not the Donald's medical doctor, I wonder why the Donald deplanes the why he does.  He holds the railing, pauses, waves, and does that several times before getting to terra firma.  Isn't he capable of waving without hold onto the railing while deplaning?  You decide.

The Donald needs to watch President Obama deplaning.  This is a bit more presidential.

In the meantime, I challenge the Donald about his health even though I am 3½ years his elder.  My challenge to the Donald is in spite of what his doctor thinks of his health. 

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The Donald's doc

The Donald's health report is as follows:

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I'll stay with my doctor....

Description: Editorial cartoon on Donald Trump and 2016 presidential election

Another doctor's letter

In spite of either of the Donald's letters, I challenge the Donald to one or more tests of our stamina.  Either accept my challenge or shut up.  This is my formal challenge to the Donald regarding our stamina.  He is free to pick whichever or all my challenges. 

  • Challenge #1.  Biking both distance and speed. I would be willing to enter RAGBRAI XLV, which starts July 23-29, 2017.  The race starts in the western part of the state and ends at the Mississippi River in the east.  The total distance averages vary from year to year.  However, the exact course won't be published for several months.  Nevertheless, RAGBRAI's distances range from 450-500 miles during the week.  I guarantee that I will out race the Donald every day by several hours.
  • Challenge #2. Kayaking both distance and speed. If a weeklong bike race across Iowa is too much for the Donald, I challenge him to a kayak race around the lake in my backyard.  One lap around the lake is approximately five miles.  The Donald can pick the number of laps while I supply the kayak.
  • Challenge #3. Cross-country running both distance and speed. Of course, the Donald purports to be macho.  Nonetheless, I challenge him to any distance in a cross-country race.  It can be a mile run to whatever distance his stamina allows him to do.
  • Challenge #4. Crunches both the number of crunches and speed. On a regular day, I will do 300-crunches.  However, since I am challenging the Donald, I have begun moving my crunches up to 500-crunches each day.  By the time this essay appears on my website, I will be doing 500. 

The Donald needs to realize that talk is cheap.  Put up or shut up.  So I am waiting for a reply to my challenge.  While I'm wait, I'd suggest losing minimally at least a couple dozen pounds.  What did your doctor say the Donald's Body Mass Index (BMI) was?  My BMI is 24.7, which is considered normal weight.  The Donald's BMI is from 30.3-34.3, which is obesity.  Hey, if the Donald disputes my data, I'll challenge him to having an outside medical person test us.  Once again, the Donald needs to put up or shut up.

The shutting up issue includes Trump's dissing of Alicia Machado for her weight.  Hey, the Donald isn't called the Trim Trump.

If you wish to check your BMI, go to the Mayo Clinic's online calculator.

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