Icarus and Trump
On Flying Too Low

There are two things that Donald the Dumb says all the time. One is that he is like really smart. The other one is that everything is a witch hunt. Now, let’s face it. If Donald the Dumb was like really smart, he would have read the story Icarus. At least, he would have had someone tell him the story.

So, if you have access to our fake president, you could send him this link. Better yet, merely tell him this story of Icarus and Daedalus. Here is a brief summary of it. Daedalus was a great artisan who lived in Athens. However, he feared that one of his relatives was a greater inventor and craftsman. His fear of coming in second place is like Trump knowing that Obama is far greater than he could ever imagine. Daedalus, to avoid Trump’s dilemma, killed his relative, which ticked off the Athenians who told him to leave Athens. However, King Minos of Crete essentially hired him as his technical assistant.

Nonetheless, Daedalus always pushed his limits. For example, Minos’ wife, Pasiphaë, had been put under a spell by Poseidon. Essentially, she wanted to have sex with Minos’ prized bull. So, Daedalus constructs a bull, and Pasiphaë gets inside the bull. The bulls then had sex with Pasiphaë impersonating a female bull. The result of the bull and Pasiphaë having sex was a minotaur, which was half human and half bull.

The minotaur

When Minos discovered that his wife had been messing around with his bull, Daedalus and his son, Icarus, were put in prison on the top of the highest tower on Crete.

The tower prison

Daedalus, who was always creative, had an idea. He and Icarus could escape from their prison by attaching feathers with wax to wings that he built and fly like birds. They took off and flew above Crete, but Daedalus warned his son against two extremes when flying. Don’t fly too low, which would result in having the humidity weigh down his wings, which would result in crashing to the earth. Also, Daedalus cautioned Icarus against flying too high, which would result in the sun melting the wax and losing his feathers. That also would cause crashing to Earth. Either extreme would result in certain death. Daedalus followed his own advice. Essentially, he obeyed Aristotle’s via media, the middle way. He didn’t fly too low or too high. Icarus disobeyed his father and flew too high, the wax melted, and he crashed to earth.

“My wings are melting….”

Now, while this story from ancient Greece is known to many throughout the world, we tend to focus on the warning against flying too high. However, flying too low is just as deadly. Our fake president has never flown too high in any endeavor. I would love to know what his grades were in college. What we do know, contrary to his boosting, is that he never was on the honor roll. Nonetheless, in his entire life, he has flown too low as a witch.

Donald the Witch is flying too low

Additionally, Donald the Dumb had his minions who flew with him into his presidency. Some have crashed and some will soon.

They should have never flown as low as Trump has.

At the end of next month, we will be celebrating Halloween throughout America. This is my prediction; I don’t think that the trinity of witches in Washington that do Trump’s dirty work for him, Giuliani, his second fixer, Barr, the AG, and Pence, the VP, will be celebrating. Now, that trinity will surely grow much larger when the White House of cards has completely fallen.

The clock is ticking.