Let Me Get This Straight…
About the Trump Flu

You are going to have to work with me. I have an idiosyncrasy. Simply put, I am haunted by not understanding something. This isn’t related to quantum mechanics and how the four classes of phenomena need to go beyond what I called physics in high school, which was in the distant past. I don’t lose sleep worrying about quantum entanglements and the principle of uncertainty.

I worry about more critical issues…like America. We have elected a president that has a lot of issues, and they don’t relate to Einstein’s quanta and its relationship to his theory of the photoelectric effect.

This is the photoelectric-effect.

While Donald the Dumb claims that he knows all things, I’ll allow him to rattle on about the photoelectric effect. However, when our fake president isn’t worried about quantum mechanics, he disses President Obama. Trump blamed Obama for the 12,000 Americans that died due to N1H1 or what most nonmedical people call swine flu. Now, he didn’t start that diatribe during the swine flu pandemic. He started his chattering when COVID-19 had killed several hundred Americans.

The CDC diagnosed the first confirmed case of the swine flu in America on April 15, 2009. On April 26, 2009, Obama issued a public health emergency. On May 1, 2009, Obama held the first White House to discuss the swine flu, which was two weeks after the first case was diagnosed.

The swine flu discussion

Trump blamed Obama for the 12,000 deaths due to swine flu between 2009-2010. Trump claimed that Obama was responsible for all those deaths.

Let me get this straight. Trump is blaming Obama for the deaths of 12,000 Americans due to the swine flu. We are nearing 160,000 deaths due to the coronavirus on Trump’s watch. The statisticians and medical people estimate that the coronavirus pandemic will kill from 350,000 to well over a million Americans. However, in this case, Trump isn’t responsible the COVID-19 deaths, but Obama is responsible for the 12,000 NiH1 deaths. Hmmm. Let me think about that.

Neither Obama nor Trump are responsible for either pandemic. What both presidents did or didn’t due to reduce the death tolls is a different story. For much of the time between the beginning of the year and the present, this is Trump’s treatment plan.

The coronavirus will go away…sometime. In the meantime, Donald the Dumb is responsible for doing almost nothing, which has resulted in nearly 160,000 deaths. Our do-nothing president restarted the briefings of the coronavirus taskforce without any of the taskforce members present at his briefings. Let me get this straight.

Trump is the sole voice of the coronavirus taskforce, but his is not responsible the pandemic. Now, I would think that, if America is nearing 5,000,000 cases and 160,000 deaths, we would like to hear from some doctors and healthcare providers addressing how to cope with this pandemic. Now, I realize that Trump is both “very stable” and “like really smart,” but I would rather watch reruns of Lassie or Beverly Hillbillies than watch an unstable and mentally challenged president doing briefings.

Dr. Trump discussing developing a strategy….

Our pretend doctor in the White House is still pushing hydroxychloroquine and shots of disinfectant as a part of his treatment plan. We have had the coronavirus in the States for over six month, and Trump said last week, “We are in the process of developing a strategy that’s going to be very, very powerful. We’ve developed them as we go along.”

Yo, Donald, you are developing a strategy and developed them as we go along? That sentence doesn’t even make sense. Additionally, hydroxychloroquine and disinfectant shots aren’t going to help Americans. To make matter worse, the Republications is the Senate are in lock step behind Dr. Trump.

Trump’s nemesis, President Obama, gave this dire warning.

There may and likely will come a time in which we have both an airborne disease that is deadly…And in order for us to deal with that effectively, we have to put in place an infrastructure—not just here at home, but globally—that allows us to see it quickly, isolate it quickly, respond to it quickly, so that if and when a new strain of flu like the Spanish flu crops up five years from now or a decade from now, we’ve made the investment and we’re further along to be able to catch it.

Obviously, Trump didn’t follow his predecessor’s advice. He also disbanded group in the White House that Obama formed to address some future pandemic. Additionally, Trump is also responsible for killing our economy.

Largest rate drop in US history

This is an excellent video about Trump and addressing the coronavirus.