“Let’s Get Going.”
An Important Lesson of Life

This very brief essay is about the comment, “Let’s get going.” Interestingly, I heard that statement addressed to me by two different men when I was recently traveling in Pakistan and Myanmar. I have written about the first occasion while visiting the parents of my web administrator, Sandy, in Lahore, Pakistan.

The second time that I heard that statement was when I was with my family in Myanmar. On this occasion, that statement was made by Ko Ko, the father of my three granddaughters. The following video is about going to a doctor’s office with Ko Ko. He was having problems with some sort of picked nerve in his shoulder.

The doctor practiced an ancient Asian type of herbal medicine, which included making an herbal compound into a small ball, which was covered by a piece of cloth and then heated. Then the heated mixture was rubbed on Ko Ko’s affected area.

After about an hour of this treatment, I didn’t expect to hear from Ko Ko, “You’re next.”

This essay and video are about how to improve our lives in general. The first step is to get going.