Mini-Me and Dr. Evil…
Then and Now

There I was nearing the end of a semester of teaching. Most of the grades were posted and only a couple last minute grades waited to be recorded. However, I always experience a strange sensation at the end of the semester. After seventeen weeks of class, grading, and reading term papers, then there is a relatively quiet time. I felt lost without all the pressure. I don’t understand why it catches me off guard. I’ve experienced this period of the doldrums, which return after a long semester and have for over twenty years of teaching. Nonetheless, this particular doldrum reminded me of Samuel Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

Day after day, day after day,
we stuck nor breath nor motion
as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean

Most of the semester, we sailed on, had a great time, and accomplished much in various academic voyages. Then suddenly, everything seemed calm and motionless. In this respite from all consuming activity, I looked for mental activity. It wasn’t that I couldn’t find anything to do to keep myself busy. I have a long list of pressing items.

I had to sign another form from the IRS to have them process my request for a 501-c-3 status as a charitable not for profit incorporation. Once I get my 501-c-3 status, I can write my request for $500,000 and post it on GoFundMe. I can ramp up my requests for interviews with media outlets to plead my case for money to cover 1250 laptops. I’m in the process of contacting and discussing with the people who form The Magnificent Seven.

During the time that I felt like “a painted ship upon a painted ocean,” I was busy. I already have one committed magnificent person and am talking with another. I believe that several of the magnificent group will return to Myanmar with me during winter break in 2019.

While that quest for 1250 laptops is vitally important to my granddaughters and their classmates who attend school in Taunggyi, Myanmar, my list of must do items includes many more pressing matters. I have essays to do, get ready for Christmas, and dealing with Ginger, my hyperactive 68-pound Irish Setter.

One day, while researching something on the Internet amid my emotional doldrums, I came across Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. I decided to watch it. Granted, I knew that I was wasting time, yet, I spaced out for an hour and nineteen minutes. The movie is about Austin Powers waging war against Dr. Evil and his attempt to reign evil upon all the world.

Austin Powers

I’ll agree with you that Austin Powers doesn’t compare well with any of the long list of 007’s. Nonetheless, it did distract me from the other pressures that I faced. However, it wasn’t long before I became restless as I watched Austin Powers.

Here is the evil-duo.

Mini-Me and Dr. Evil

Watching the creating of Mini-Me was a déjà vu moment for me. However, I couldn’t place who was either Dr. Evil or Mini-Me.

After pondering my haunting question about my déjà vu moment for at least a half a nanosecond, it dawned upon me who Dr. Evil and Mini-Me’s clones were two decades after the film, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

Our fake Vice-President prays like Dr. Evil, aka, Donald the Dumb.

Mini-Me and Dr. Evil in prayer

While Pence is a perfect Mini-Me, Donald the Dumb better hope after he pardons the three dozen indicted people or those who plead guilty during the Mueller probe that Mini-Me Pence will pardon Dr. Evil, aka Donald the Dumb.