The Operation Was Successful
But No Microchip Was Found

On November 11th, I had surgery to address a couple of medical problems on my left foot and ankle. Someone snapped this photo of me while I was in the recovery room after the surgery. Granted, I was still out of it due to the anesthetic.

Me after the surgery

However, once the doctors and staff removed the casts and wrappings, I was discharged a couple of hours after the surgery. Essentially, I was home by the evening of the day of the surgery.

When I got home, Ginger was delighted to see me…alive and well.

I successfully moved around my home with a walker for a couple of weeks. I could also navigate the stairs without the walker.

Ginger kept a watchful eye on me while I taught online or wrote articles.

A month later, I returned to Dr. El-Samad. After Dr. El-Samad’s assistant removed the stitches, I got the photos of the surgery that were taken during the operation. He said that the surgery went well.

He had to do two procedures during the operation. The simpler one was cutting part of the plantar fascia, which connects the toes to the heal. Plantar comes from the Latin word for the sole of the foot, and fascia comes from the Latin word for band. Essentially, the plantar fascia is a band similar to a tendon, but it is fairly clear and connects the skin to the foot.

However, the primary issue was the tarsal tunnel syndrome, which was the pressure on the posterior tibial nerve. For various reasons, the nerve gets inflamed and exacerbated the situation. Fortunately, that problem has also been resolved.

So, Dr. El-Samad addressed both medical problems successfully. However, one issue still hasn’t been resolved. I asked him to look for the microchip during the operation. He knows that I found a microchip near the tarsal tunnel on an MRI a couple of weeks before the surgery.

I showed this picture to Dr. El-Samad that was taken during the operation.

It seems that just below the large dark area in the center of the photo was where I thought the deep state’s microchip was located. When I asked Dr. El-Samad what he thought, he assured me that he found no tracking device in either my foot or ankle area. So, I can’t explain where the microchip went for now. Perhaps, the deep state moved the microchip when they tracked me to the hospital for the operation. My dilemma haunts me.