The Deep State Is Watching Me
But Why?

In my twilight years, I replicated what I did at the beginning of my adult life; I got another Irish Setter and called her Ginger. I loved and bonded with both Gingers. However, Ginger II can talk to me and is quite fluent in American English.

Today’s Ginger and I love walking around the lake on which we live. While on these walks, she chases geese. Whenever she sees any geese, it rattles her. Off she’ll go chasing them back into the lake and away from us. She has done that since she was a puppy.

Several years ago, I asked Ginger why she chases the geese. She explained that she wanted to protect me because the geese weren’t real. I wrote that mindset off as a cute protective gesture even though geese have never attacked me.

That is the backstory. A month ago, I had surgery on my plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome. However, my podiatrist, Dr. El-Samad, wanted an MRI of my foot to determine the extent of my foot problem. I got copies of the MRI, and this is a photo of one frame of the several MRI videos.

When I looked at the video, I stopped it at this frame and copied it. I circled what seemed to me was a microchip that might have been put into one of my COVID vaccines by someone involved in the deep state of our government. I’ll tell you what Dr. El-Samad found while doing the surgery on my foot recently. It will be a part of my essay this Friday.

In the meantime, I happened upon a site on the Internet with this photo.

Birds aren’t real.

The essay is about young adults who are a part of Gen Z, a shortened term for Generation Z. Since I have been around a long time, I was born at the end of the Silent Generation and just before the Baby Boomers. I have never gotten all the dates down correctly.

Generation Z

According to some in the Gen Z group, the deep state between 1959-2001 has been responsible for killing all the birds. Real don’t exist any longer. What we see now flying around are fake birds. These surveillance drones watch everyone.

Fake birds

This is in an interview with a retired CIA agent.

Ginger happened to wander into my office in my home while I was watching the CIA agent being interviewed. I called her over, and the two of us watched the interview. Halfway through the interview, Ginger interrupted the video with this comment. “I told you several years ago that the geese weren’t real.” I had to admit that Ginger was correct.

We watched the rest of the interview with the retired CIA agent. Then we sat there discussing why the deep state is watching Americans, particularly me. Ginger looked at me as if to say that it was obvious. I stammered for a few seconds before Ginger laid out her litany of reasons in a bullet presentation.

  • You think Trump is a loser along with much of the radical right of Members of Congress like Rep. Gaetz, Rep. Greene, Rep, Rep. Boebert, Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. Ron Johnson, etc.
  • You aren’t into dissing groups of people from various parts of the world. Your doctors are Asians, Hispanics, and Muslims from the Middle East. Their ethnicity isn’t relevant to their treating you. Besides, your family in Myanmar is Asian.
  • That also applies to issues of racial backgrounds.
  • Women are equal to men.
  • Also, you don’t go around dissing those in the LBGT community.

Ginger ended her explanation and said, “Do you see what I am saying?” My retort to Ginger was that acting responsibly should be normal and the correct thing to do.