The Graduate…
The Canine Version

The Graduate was released fifty-four years ago yesterday, December 21, 1967. The storyline is about Benjamin Braddock, who just graduated from college. Benjamin had to attend a party put on by his parents in honor of their son. The festivities were too much for this young college graduate as he attempted to avoid all the notoriety. That was until Mrs. Robinson, an older woman, seduces him.

That is the backstory for this essay. Dr. El-Samad operated on both my plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome six weeks ago. However, I couldn’t do much except act like some old man walking around my home using a walker for four weeks. After the stitches were removed, I had to see a physical therapist to help reduce the swelling caused by the surgery. My therapist suggested getting a pair of compression socks, which I did.

Compression socks are designed to reduce the blood flow to the foot and ankle. If someone suggests something to reduce the pain associated with the swelling, I will jump at any suggestion. A couple of days later, I went back for more therapy and mentioned getting the compression sock on. It helped with the swelling and pain, but it took a great deal of effort and time to get the sock on.

My physical therapist suggested putting some baby powder in the sock and on my foot and leg. I haven’t had baby powder on my body for nearly eight decades. In my twilight years, it did make it easier to get the compression sock on. Additionally, the swelling is also receding, which also helps.

Even with the baby powder, managing the compression sock took some time.

As I struggled, I recalled seeing The Graduate over five decades ago. The scene of Mrs. Robinson seducing Benjamin crossed my mind.

The canine version of Benjamin

This is a part of the new version of The Graduate. This is the scene in the bedroom where Ginger became Benjamin, and I became Mrs. Robinson.