Trump and Western Union
They Are Writing Their Legacies

After trying to explain to Western Union that I’m not money laundering, which went nowhere, I am trying to get things organized here before I fly off to see Sandy, my web administrator’s, family in Lahore, Pakistan. Then I will fly onto Yangon where I’ll meet Moh Moh, and we will visit her family and visit some of my friends in Yangon. Then we will fly north to see the rest of my family up in Taunggyi. Talk about being excited.

What intrigues me, in addition to the parallels between President Zelensky and me, are the parallels between Western Union and the Republicans in Congress. The facts are out there in plain sight in both situations. We have heard every Republican’s talking head saying that there isn’t anything there related to Trump withholding funds from helping Ukraine.

Well, there were twelve career diplomats that testified before the Intelligence Committee. Each one of them testified under oath regarding what they heard and observed related to Trump’s blocking military aid to President Zelensky of Ukraine. Even Donald the Dumb, aka the Liar-in-Chief, in his perfect call to Zelensky was only concerned about digging up dirt on the Bidens.

Even after the Intelligence Committee’s hearing, last Sunday, the Washington Post got ahold of emails discussing how the White House was going to deal with finding a cover story after the whistleblower blew the whistle. If they weren’t bribing Zelensky, why were the White House lawyers trying to come up with a cover story.

David Holmes, a State Department counselor at the US Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine, testified about Sondland’s cellphone call to Trump.

Gordon Sondland, U.S. Ambassador to the EU, testified under oath regarding the quid pro quo issue and that everyone was in the loop regarding withholding military aid from Ukraine until Zelensky agreed to open an investigation into the Bibens.

And still, Republicans deny everything and maintain that Trump is as perfect as Trump’s claim that his call to Zelensky was perfect. Both contentions are perfect…lies.

I have mentioned this before. We all are writing our legacies. After we die, we can’t go back and edit them. Trump and his devout followers are creating their legacies. Trump will go down as the most corrupt and inane president since George Washington. Three years into Trump’s presidency, he has written his legacy with his Sharpie. This a photo of his notes written on Air Force One stationary just in case he forgot what he wanted to say.

Donald the Dumb’s crib notes

This is a video of Trump’s speech. You can see his notes.

Now, this brings me to Western Union blocking my funds to my family. Western Union is doing to me, at a personal level, what Trump did to the Ukrainians. Someone at Western Union blocked funds that I was sending to my family on three different occasions. I was able to unblock the funds on the first two occasions. Nevertheless, I failed to unblock my money transfer. I called and emailed for nearly an entire day. I provided links to my webpage. However, I was unable to get Western Union to release money for our family vacation in Myanmar.

I even did a video for Mr. Ersek who is Western Union’s CEO after the second block.

In that video, I asked Mr. Ersek to delete whatever misinformation they had on my file. I also suggested that he could put a star on my file, which would allow me to continue to send money to my family. The most recent hold was for a balloon ride over Bagan, transportation to Bagan and back, and hotel expenses. However, I said, in the video that once he cleared my account that I needed help from Western Union’s foundation. That foundation reaches out to help developing countries.

In the video, I also told him about giving my laptop to Ti Ti, my oldest granddaughter. One reason is that I can’t utilize a 15.4 inch laptop screen. The laptop was used merely as a storage device for my photos and videos that I took while visiting my family. I told Ti Ti that she would be my assistant web administrator. She wrote probably a thousand captions under my photos. Go to and click on any of the six links that you see. The captions are Ti Ti’s.

That being said, it didn’t take me long to address an ethical situation that I was facing. If Ti Ti and her younger sisters are my family, then the students with whom they go to school are my extended family. I told Mr. Ersek that I needed his foundation’s help to raise a half million dollars for laptops, software, and improved Internet access to the two schools where my three granddaughters attend. My grandchildren and their classmates will be the next generation to help Myanmar emerge into the 21st century. I can’t think of another tool better than a laptop to assist them educationally.

I sent that video to Mr. Ersek and also to the Western Union’s foundation asking for the money and also someone from Western Union to return with me a year from now. That person could take pictures and videos about how 1250 students in Taunggyi will benefit from Western Union’s money. I haven’t heard from Mr. Ersek or the foundation.

If Trump and his followers are writing their legacy, then Western Union is doing the same. I have sent Mr. Ersek a letter and a link to my previous essay about feeling like Zelensky. It is very doubtful that I will hear from Mr. Ersek. Someone at Western Union has determined that I am money laundering.

Each time my money has been blocked, I gave Western Union many links to my website. The only Western Union person that cared about unblocking my fund took a few minutes to go to and then to click on articles on the tool bar. I asked the Western Union person what she saw. She said, “That’s you and your family.” I gave her other links on my webpage about my family. She unblocked the money transfer. This is what she saw.

Let’s me be honest. I wouldn’t have created a webpage over a quarter century ago, traveled all over the world, taken thousands of photo and videos, interviewed dozens of people, etc. so that I could launder money. I have no idea of how much I have paid web administrators over nearly three decades. Even more costly are the dozens of trips overseas. And only one person cared enough to unblock my money even though every other person was given links to my webpage. Western Union is writing their corporate legacy.

In two weeks, I’ll be on my way to see my family in Myanmar. I will carry my blocked money with me. However, on December 30th, we will celebrate our Thanksgiving Day at Nyaung Shwe Restaurant. I am a very lucky person to have a large family in the States and in Myanmar.

This video is a summary of the testimony of twelve professional diplomats during the last two weeks.